Chael Sonnen Says WWE Called Him About Possibly Joining Their Company

During his appearance on Chris Jericho’s latest “Talk Is Jericho” podcast this week, former UFC star Chael Sonnen spoke about a call he received from a WWE executive about the possibility of him joining the company just days before he was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and fired from the UFC and FOX Sports for failing multiple pre-fight drug tests.

“I got a call about two days before I was suspended,” Sonnen said of the WWE executive, believed to be Gerald Brisco. “A WWE exec calls me up, and he said, ‘We read what you’re going through, we’re not interested.’ So I’m thinking, ‘why did you call me?’ He said ‘If you were 24 years old, you’d be making a whole jackpot full of money.”

Sonnen said the person continued to talk and he finally realized why WWE went out of their way to call him only to tell him that they don’t have any interest in him.

“But we think TNA is going to be calling you,” Sonnen said the WWE executive told him. “And if they do, we want back in the game.’ So I was like, OK, now at least I get we’re you’re coming from.”

You can listen to Sonnen’s full appearance on Talk Is Jericho, which along with a lot of UFC discussion, actually features quite a bit of pro wrestling talk, by going to Jericho’s page at

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  • brad

    I would love to see ol Chael in the WWE the guy can cut one Helleva pro wrestling promo already.

    • MattBooneEWN

      I agree — to an EXTENT. I’ve always wondered how his promos would translate into an actual pro wrestling setting. I.E. — Rampage and Tito, two AWESOME MMA promos, when given the chance to do pro wrestling promos, seemed to stick out like a sore thumb in the sense that they came off as “playing pro wrestler” when cutting a promo, as opposed to being a naturally, organic, superb-wrestling promo. I will admit, however, that Sonnen has a MUCH better grasp than Rampage and Tito on what pro wrestling is and how to blend in within that world.

      • andyman7

        when the hell were tito and rampage good at cutting promos? tito had zero personality and rampage all he did was hump on reporters and bully ariel helwaini or whatever his name is

      • brad

        I say give him a chance, let him train for it and then bring him on in.

    • omega riddler

      Problem is there are 10 people j that can cut a promo like Chael Sonnen and have been in pro wrestling as long as he has been in MMA.

  • The Man From Jonestown

    I have a hard time believing this. And no small reason is the fact that Chael is a pathological liar, rat, fraudster and cheat.

    But, it doesn’t make any kind of sense. The WWE doesn’t even go after or care about TNA talent. They let the face of the company in AJ Styles go to Japan. They lowballed Matt Morgan, who actually started with the WWE and proved he was a player in TNA. Right now, they are cutting talent. So, why would they be hawking TNA potentials?

    Furthermore, with all the stink from his PED use and his termination, I highly doubt the ultra-sensitive WWE would bring him in or be associated with him in anyway, considering their perception in the media when it comes to Steroid and PED use.

    This story doesn’t hold water.

    • HD_Theoneandonly

      Bro he wouldn’t even pass the WWE Wellness test -_- i AGREE 100%

      • MattBooneEWN

        If he’s not fighting a REAL fight, he no longer needs a competitive edge. He absolutely could pass a WWE physical under those circumstances.

        • SJ

          I could pass a WWE physical. But IDK if they allow people with kidney issues to….They’d DAMN WELL BETTER ALLOW people with kidney dialyzation needs through PD catheter or what have you…to compete in WWE matches and main event!!! As long as they’re in good enough physical condtion to do matches they ought to be allowed to!!!!

        • HD_Theoneandonly

          I can see your point, which is true. I just feel he is addicted to it and I’m assuming its a hard thing to leave alone. There’s competitiveness in the appearance department though, if i can argue that.

      • andyman7

        lol wwe wellness test lol…anybody can pass that trash…how do u think guys like john cena are able to survive year round on the road?

        • SJ

          John Cena “passed” the drug tests by making sure that his drug test wasn’t actually taken from him but accidentally got mixed up with another superstar’s drug test. So that his would come back as being steroid free. Despite the fact that on CNN John Cena answered the question about his steroid/drug usage in an extremely roundabout-type-of-way.If he didn’t or doesn’t do or use steroids then how the hell could WWE be so blind and ignore his drug/steroid use??
          He survives because he was born financially wealthy and rich.
          And because girls, teenagers and women are naiieve enough to
          foolishly believe that John Cena is good looking, and is always a good guy and can absolutely do no wrong, now or ever. Which is complete f**king bullshit and lies to make such a statement.
          You say that Cena survives? He always does. Unfortunately enough for me and other fans who want him to leave us and leave our favorite WWE Superstars the hell alone and go away and stay the fuck away from pro wrestling, WWE, MMA, and so on. At this point I believe it’s just wishful thinking on my part to want him to get into trouble for getting away with doing things that are harming, hujrting, antagonizing, insulting, mocking on, bullying, other people and not suffer negative, unwanted, consequences for behaving in those ways. But no matter how much I f**king want to step into a WWE ring or wherever the hell it is and physically fight him I have to wait. I need to get my life squared away first, gain financial stability, regularly train and get fit and into the kind of physical/mental condition I’ll need to be in. Then move and go to Orlando, FL and go train at WWE’s Performance Center with a dog or two, and get into WWE. And marry Randy Orton.

          • Mr.kellz

            Did you see him in the stall with a needle in his ass? Or are you judging by his muscles and head shape that he is on steroids?? Or are you a doctor?…of thuganomics lol

        • HD_Theoneandonly

          Right thats why RVD takes a couple months off . So that he can smoke his pot with out getting caught. Randy has got caught before also.

    • MattBooneEWN

      Well, it’s his story. And while I agree with you that Sonnen is a liar, self-admitted by the way, as he says himself in the actual interview written about in this article, WWE didn’t “let the face of TNA go to Japan.” They chose to pass on a guy that was no longer part of TNA. Sonnen’s claim, which HAS been noted in the past in pro wrestling circles in similar circumstances, is that WWE will try and shut TNA down when it comes to acquiring popular, or star-of-the-moment type talent. There are a LOT of examples that SUPPORT that claim, more so than those you listed against it — although again, I fully admit there are SOME examples to the contrary. But that’s going to be the case in any business.

      • Arsto

        I honestly don’t know anything about this situation you’re speaking about and of.

    • Bad News Buzzard Follower

      I call bs too no way would wwe give a damn about tna sighing sonnen and the drug issue is another. maybe sonnen is goading tna into giving him more money to sign

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    How do you drum up interest? By claming a company called you to tell they would only want you if a company that’s not even a rival company wants you.

    In other news, WWE diva Lana called me yesterday to tell me she wants me but only if Jen Selter said she wanted me who also happened to beep in and when I answered it, she said she only wants me if Scarlett Johansson does. And wouldn’t you know it, Scarlett called me 5 minutes later and told me she wants me but only if Keira Knightley does (of course she does). Crap, hold on. My phone is ringing yet again.

    • MattBooneEWN

      Lol? Not sure what you’re implying. To me, Sonnen isn’t trying to drum up interest in himself as much as he is just telling a funny, recent pro wrestling story that he is involved in to a well-known pro wrestler on a pro wrestling podcast. I think Sonnen was just being totally honest, even if it paints him in a bad light. As much as the anti-Sonnen clan will rally against him for saying this and that, if you REALLY pay attention and have seen his full body of work — verbally speaking — from A to Z, the dude is actually pretty honest. Ironic, I know, saying that about a guy who got caught cheating worse than maybe anyone in MMA history, lol, but even then he pretty much said “ya got me!” once caught (which he said a number of times in the interview written about above) as opposed to playing innocent and making excuses like so many in his situation have done in the past. Before a fight, he’ll say whatever it takes to sell a fight, after, he’s probably the most humble, non-excuse-making loser in MMA history. A Tito Ortiz, he is not, when it comes to post-fight excuses. He’s as honest as they come when he’s not promoting something. And what is he promoting when he says, in a nut shell, “number one (in wrestling) wants nothing to do with me, unless number two does.”

    • andyman7

      how the hell is TNA not a rival for WWE? tna might not be a thread but they are a rival plus wwe isn’t exactly bashing in success as of late either

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        How the hell are they a rival when they aren’t a threat?

  • Daveyboy89

    Lol this is a total lie, wwe is very rarely interested in someone once they are TNA bound.

  • peeter mans

    I thought this compulsive liar, convicted fraudster and cheat was in the WWE.

    • SJ

      He is. His name is: John Felix Anthony Cena. He’s also a bully, and has bullied WWE Superstars, Announcers, Divas and fans.
      He has gotten away with treating Randy Orton in ways I don’t like, despise, hate, object to and don’t want…. but now he’s trying to get Brock Lesnar to beat the hell out of him and make John Cena look like some kinda legitimate champion. The reason that sucks is because it hurts and insults other people who have had to actually earn things. By allowing John Cena to do so, only lets him have even more control and power in WWE. Which SUCKS!!
      Because he has more than enough power and control in WWE which is why WWE sucks so fuckin bad and is not entertaining like it used to be.
      Dissatisfying and disappointingly atrocious.

      • PFR

        Take your meds.

  • Dixie Carter

    I wouldn’t hire a drug addict unlike WWE. WWE know TNA has the best talent so he said that to him

  • Kyle Rayner

    He should do it! He’d be great!

  • Hitchens

    Chael is a pathological liar, Like all good Republicans. But he is very entertaining. Scripted fights would suit him well,he could win without cheating.

  • I’ve Lost My Smile

    he could come in as a manager but he would never pass the wellness test to ever be a performer