Chris Leben Predicts KO Over Kalib Starnes At UFC 71


The following is an excerpt from an interview with Chris Leben from, sent in by Austin Lee:

So how do you feel coming into this fight with Kalib Starnes? Are you healthy?

Yeah you know, anybody tells you that everything they’re doing in training, everything’s perfect, everything’s a hundred percent perfect, they’re lying. I mean, obviously I’ve trained harder than I’ve ever had, and you know when you’re pushing your body this hard you know there’s gonna be aches and pains and nagging things but you know generally I have any major glaring weaknesses or injuries. My cardio’s better than it’s ever been. I’ve been trying some new things, I’ve been riding my bike about 20, 30 miles a day extra, on top of training for cardio. My striking is better than it’s ever been, he fights a lot like MacDonald so I know what I’m in for going in there. I know what it is, you know and my plan is to go out there, do what I do and just put on a great show.

Can you expand a little bit on that as far as how you plan on engaging Starnes?

Sure, sure. I’m gonna knock him out. I’m gonna go out on my feet and I’m gonna throw heavy leather and I’m gonna make him…I’m gonna see if he wants to stay with me for about ten seconds and then he’ll start to clench me I’ll do that body lock take down that he likes. When he goes through that then we’re gonna play the game. It’s gonna be me trying to knock him out and him trying to take me down and if he gets me down, it’s not my first rodeo, I’ve submitted a lot of guys on the ground as we’ve seen before. I will wrestle, I will grapple, but obviously if I have my druthers, that would be…let’s give the fans what they want–that’s a knockout.

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