Chris Weidman: Luke Rockhold is Living in La La Land

Chris Weidman
Image Credit: AP/John Locher

Chris Weidman isn’t too fond of Luke Rockhold’s recent comments on the middleweight division.

This Saturday night (Feb. 10), Rockhold will do battle with Yoel Romero to determine the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim middleweight title holder. Robert Whittaker was scheduled to defend his gold against Rockhold, but was sidelined with a nasty infection.

During a recent UFC 221 press conference, Rockhold said he and Romero have far surpassed the 185-pound division along with Whittaker. Weidman caught wind of the comments and offered a response:

“Rockhold never defended (the) belt (and) got KO’d by Bisping. He refused fights for a year and a half and fought once against (David) Branch who had him KO’d in the (first round). Yoel is coming off a loss. Whitaker if anyone has, but was just given title after GSP resigned. So Rockhold is living in la la land.”

Unfinished Business

Back in December 2015, Rockhold took Weidman’s middleweight title via fourth-round TKO. It was the first loss in Weidman’s professional mixed martial arts career.

Now is the time to speak up fight fans. Have Rockhold, Romero, and Whittaker surpassed the rest of the middleweight division? Or are there still other fighters who can break out? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I wouldn’t count Weidman out just yet. Had a close bout with Romero until the knee and that then the unfortunate ending against Mousasi. He also has his confidence back after being Gastelum. Should be fun to see the middleweight division going forward now that the circus is over

  2. Weidman’s consistency in the last 2-3 years is getting himself knocked out and only has one win, but not without getting dropped in the first round. He’s in no position to speak.

  3. I personally think if you got schooled by somebody, you should just keep your swollen lips shut. Either very short memory or he got his brain rattled more than I thought by Rockford. Nothing like getting prison raped then saying your opponent isn’t better. Sounds like trump.

  4. I think it’s just a case of a very confident fighter thinking he made a mistake and wasn’t able to recover from it because Rockhold stayed on him. I don’t blame him for having that mindset, that’s why he’s good at what he does. But, I definitely agree that Rockhold is clearly as good and until proven otherwise, is better, than Weidman at 185 lbs. BTW, welcome to the MMANews Community! Glad to have you on board!

  5. It’s a series of unfortunate things, which dates even further back to both of his wins over Anderson Silva and the fashion in which they came, taking a short-notice fight against Maia and having to cut an ungodly amount of weight in very little time, etc. He’s just one of those guys who’s unfortunately always in the middle of something, more often than not, out of his control. I can relate to that.

  6. You think he was blatantly trying to cheat the system with the hand on the ground thing? Is that cheating or using the established rules to your advantage? The fact that the rule is controversial and being changed, etc., makes that one kind of blurry, but I guess you could argue he was blatantly taking advantage of things. You could also say he was hurt and just acting off of instinct. It’s a tough thing to say definitively one way or the other IMO.

  7. Mousasi lifted Weidman’s body up hence Chris’ hands were both in the air when his knee connected to his head. They replayed it numerous times and Weidman kept stalling to recover when in fact Mousasi landed a legal move.


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