Christy Mack Statement & Photos From War Machine’s Domestic Assault

Porn star Christy Mack has released an official statement addressing the domestic violence incident suffered at the hands of MMA fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver (“War Machine”) last Friday at their home in Las Vegas.

Mack is currently in the hospital and is in “very bad shape” following an alleged beating at the hands of War Machine. Christy’s rep stated last week that he was unclear about what happened in their home because Mack’s injuries are so bad she can barely speak. (Full Details).

Early, Monday morning Mack refuted a claim by Koppenhaver’s manager that “the truth will come out” and the public will soon know that most of the blood found at the scene was his. Mack sharply denies the claim:

Here is the official Christy Mack statement (click to enlarge) and graphic photos of the damage he did to her:

Here’s a larger version of the statement:


  • Disturbed

    Flat out disturbing.

  • pwnez

    Beating up on a woman must be one of the most cowardly things a man can do.

    • Emelie Gustavsson

      Watching a woman get beat is bad too. How many woman fights have u seen in mma? And no it does not matter that it is a woman beating up the other.

      It is not manly to sitt and enjoy watching a woman get beat up.

      • pwnez

        Did you just compare MMA to domestic violence? Wow.

        • Emelie Gustavsson

          im talking about fighting in genral. job or no job it is still fighting.
          So u mean its ok for a man to hit a women if it is in MMA?

          Big difference between a wrestling match and fighting, no need for me to explain it

          • pwnez

            The women in MMA are trained and know how to defend themselves. They would not allow a woman to fight a man unless they knew it would be fair. Much like boxing, they have weight classes. Again, MMA bouts have rules and are enforced to make sure the fighters are safe.

            We see men fight/wrestle women all the time but only when it comes to their profession (yes, it does matter.) Also, whether wrestling is ‘fake’ or not, they are still being slammed, slapped and accidents happen. I still find it puzzling why you tried to compare MMA fights to a domestic violence dispute.

          • SJ

            Men fighting women is inappropriate.
            Guys should want to and do things to protect women not fight against them.
            Pro Wrestling isn’t fake. People do throw, slam, slap, hit, use gimmicks on and against each other with control and if they don’t someone gets harmed or hurt. Thats wrong, objectionable and unfair.

          • SJ

            No. It isn’t okay for a man to hit a woman. It is okay for a man to tell a woman that she has no right at all to insult him and if she is going to do so then he isn’t going to stand or sit there and listen to that. He can tell her that when she is calm enough to talk rationally and respectfully they can continue the conversation. Otherwise the conversation is over. Then he leaves.
            Same applies to a woman speaking to a guy about the same issue.

        • IKeepsit100

          You always fucking miss the point of everybody argument. You need to re-evaluate yourself. Moron

          • pwnez

            No, I got the point. You can’t admit that you made yourself seem like a little douche.

          • SJ

            Insults are for antagonizing others and looking to annoy someone. Immature and stupid.

        • SJ

          MMA is a controlled atmosphere it’s not the same as fighting for one’s life.

          Domestic Violence = to dysfunctional bullying and beating someone because of misplaced anger and confusion about what to do and how to handle things.

      • SJ

        Violence is only to be used as a last resort. Not a first response/reaction to an insult.

    • IKeepsit100

      I hate bias post like this. Dude…nowhere on earth is there a rule or statement saying men are cowards for hitting a woman. One day you might end up dead for not defending yourself against a woman with a knife or gun. smfh.

      • pwnez

        What an idiot. Yes, that is called self defense. When a woman is unarmed and a guy beats on her, that’s cowardly. You’re a real piece of trash.

        • Dyce

          Too much name calling, too self righteous and too judgmental about a person you do not know. Signs of a silly liberal. That’s the only way they know how to defend an argument.

          Making assumptions on someone you don’t know personally, and online to boot, makes you look like a jackass. I suggest you simmer down unless you want to look like an even bigger idiot. Domestic violence of all kinds is wrong period, but don’t make shit up on people you don’t know because you disagree with them. It is beyond stupid.

          • pwnez

            Too self righteous? Why is that? Is it because I don’t believe hitting a woman is right? It’s called right from wrong, slick.

            The only one who made himself look like an idiot was IKeepsit100. You’re not doing any better. Lol @ silly liberal. Get the f*ck out of here.

          • bobby miller

            Why are these people even arguing against your point? Sad that people like this exist isn’t it?

          • IKeepsit100

            Hey Bobby, try not to get stabbed to death or thrown hot water on by a crazy bitch. Make sure you sit there like a MAN! jackass

          • bobby miller

            I actually HAVE had a woman come at me with a knife before. Guess what? I grabbed her arm, picked her up and forced her out the door. I didn’t have to beat her to the point where she needs several surgeries just to return to some form of normalcy. I’m not a trained fighter. War Machine is. Unless she had a gun, she is NO THREAT to War Machine. One punch from him to her would end any physical damage she could attempt to do to him. What is so hard to understand that this guy is a POS? He’s an ex convict for doing similar things. Pick a better guy to “defend”.

          • SJ

            I wouldn’t physically hit a guy only. But I wouldn’t just hit a guy unless i was going to knock him out or leave him reeling away in agony or unconscious. I’d have a protection trained GSD and an Akita or Caucasian Ovcharka to prevent ANY guy from being able to fuck with or harm, hurt or injure myself or anyone or anything I care about.

          • handsome

            Let me guess you cheated on her.

          • bobby miller

            No. She was bipolar which I didn’t know until later on. That comes with the territory.

          • KY Weller

            People like war machine should be euthanized. Period.

          • SJ


            Ignore tbose antagonizing you…instead get back at and get even with them by becoming a better person and learn appropriate, healthy behaviors and don’t allow women or men to antagonize you. If they do realize that they have nothing better to do than sit or stand around trying to devise ways to piss you off. Don’t give them so much control. Take control back and prevent problems in the first place, because it’s well-worth it.
            Stand up for yourself and others and be good to others.

          • IKeepsit100

            “Guys who believe hitting women isn’t wrong”……….LMAO….you completely missed my point you jackass. You have no fucking idea if that woman had a knife or some sort of weapon. War Machine isn’t a fucking robot that can just survive off getting stabbed or shot. YOU DEFEND YOURSELF. I’M NOT CONDONING HIM BEATING HER UNLESS IT WAS LAWFULLY JUSTIFIED OR LIFE THREATENING. Fucking moron…go jump off a roof or go let a woman beat on you for no reason until she cuts your dick off like the bitch you are.

          • pwnez

            You don’t think it would have been reported by now if she did have a weapon?

            Drink bleach, scumbag. You’re a p*ssy, plain and simple. Unless it’s in self-defense, hitting women is cowardly. You’re not a man though, I don’t expect you to understand.

          • SJ

            Grow up. Thank you.
            Hitting women sounds like and is bullying.
            That will only help one group of people. The police to arrest a guy for behaving that way. Which is easily preventable. Not easy to do but worth it to do….
            Go for reliable therapy and counseling.
            Do the self-work and it pays off and is well-worth doing.
            Don’t do so and join the millions of fools who are in jail, prison or the morgue for refusing to change and be a real man instead of a wanna-be so called man.

          • pwnez

            Thanks for replying 7 times to my comments. Let that sink in for a minute…7 replies. Again, thanks for that.

          • SJ

            Women and men can be prevented from behaving like immature brats but only if they actualiy realize that the only place violence will land them is in jail, a psych ward, prison or the morgue.

            Ignore what I say at your own risk. Its your life but if you really want to live a life then go for and achieve the goals you have in your life….you know the ones….that your family told you that you would or could not do and achieve.

            Then when you do, they will be the ones mad at you for succeeding and you don’t have to let it matter to you because you will overcome the negativity. They won’t.

          • SJ

            Guys who believe hitting, insulting, harming, raping, killing any women is “right” have been brought up in severely dysfunctional families where they learned that it wasn’t “wrong” to bully, insult, harm, hurt, antagonize, disrespect, and behave objectionably toward women and chances are they absolutely detest, hate, despise and can’t stand their own mothers who, unfortunately enough were extremely unkind, unfair, abusive and who mistreated them and were abusive toward their sons. The kids didn’t know what to do so they unfortunately learned the wrong lessons and end up identifying with the abusers instead of identifying with people who are emotionally healthy and behave in ways that are fair, kind, understanding, good, cool, helpful, respectful, protective, gentle, honest, considerate, brave, courageous and strong.

          • SJ

            When it comes to guys or women or anyone actually, here’s a little piece of advice:


        • SJ

          She and any woman ought to fuckin gouge the guy’s eyes then leave immediately.
          VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT EVER ALLOW YOURSELF to be alone with a guy or that isolates you or tries to do so to you who is:

          Not someone you know well
          Extremely selfish
          Bullies others
          Is Controlling or Insulting
          Lie To A Guy if you need to get away from him so that you can escape and prevent worse problems.

        • AbusingWomenIsFun

          Shut up you pussy. Fuck your vagina with a pineapple

        • IKeepsit100

          Never hit a women and never will unless i know i’m in danger. There are women who will cut your balls off or pour hot grits on you in your sleep. Those are the type of women you have to look out for. NEVER will i hit a women just because im mad but i will if i have to defend(in danger) myself regardless.

      • SJ

        Better to avoid and prevent men from feeling like they hate and don’t like or distrusts most or all women.
        Which is my attitude about it but unfortunately the problem is much larger than only a short therapy session. It requires the guy to do serious self-work and self-help on himself and to make a decision to learn positive and healthy ways how to behave and respond to things and to learn healthy ways to speak to and interact with others and to learn when it’s appropriate and necessary to use physical violence :

        1.) Personal Self – Defense

        2.) Defending Oneself

        3.) Defending Children and Companion Animals

        When to avoid doing so….Verbal Provocation and Antagonisim, Verbal Insults, etc…

      • damien

        You are a fucking fool…..bias. Wtf…….too many words for you to comprehend I’d guess…, back under the rock for you

    • guest

      How about beating people up is wrong regardless of gender?

      • SJ

        Exactly right. But people don’t always want to listen to anyone about that fact. Unfortunately enough, they are not always willing to avoid behaving in ways toward each other which are:

        Mean – Spirited
        Verbally Abusive
        Mocking On
        Abusive Verbally, Threatening To Harm Or Causing Harm or Injury To A Woman OR To Any Animals or Children

    • Guest

      I don’t see how some people say men shouldn’t hit a women regardless if
      he’s in danger…If she has a knife, weapon or some hot fucking
      grits…all bets are off.

      • Sheila

        Then how about the woman gets a guy who doesn’t like guys who hit, bully and antagonize women to help her deal with a guy bullying, insulting, antagonizing her and such…..???
        If she hasn’t got a protective dog at home or whatever…

    • SJ

      The guy isn’t going to change his behavior. He deserves to rot in prison for the spousal abuse he committed. The woman does need to realize that she needs to stay the hell away from him. For good. If she doesn’t she can end up dying because he physically beats her to death the next time. Which is totally fucked up. Because no matter how many times he apologizes to her he is only saying that so he can have and gain control over her and manipulate her into believing anything he says to her. She needs to know that she has to do whatever she needs to do to stay away from him. It won’t be easy for her but she needs to do that. Because her life depends on it!!!

  • The Boogeyman

    So he beat her that bad, yet she could jump a fence and run through a neighbourhood ? Yeah okay.. Sounds legit

    • bobby miller

      Look at the picture. I assume she made that up with CGI and computer effects. Plus, that War Machine is just on the run for no reason whatsoever. Come on man…..

      • handsome

        Yeah computer effects that was it you are not too bright are you.

    • SBG

      When you are in survival mode, everything and anything is possible. It’s called adrenaline.

      I do see holes in her story, but regardless no matter the circumstances no man should touch a woman. She was not trying to kill him, no excuse.

    • Jared James

      Guarantee you beat women. Fcn coward.

      • Dyce

        That guarantee probably comes straight from your ass, since you don’t know the person personally.

    • krakeon


      • SmooveMove

        Did he edit his post or what? As of right now it’s a dot

        • krakeon

          it was something like she wasnt hurt that bad if she was able to jump over a fence and some other retarded shit

          • SmooveMove

            Ahhh I figured

    • Haley

      It’s adrenaline and the fear for her life that made her have the determination to escape! Just look at the pictures of her you idiot!!!

  • LaParkaXV

    I’ll say it again that dude is the scum of the earth!

    • Wilks

      He isn’t worth the spit he steps on as he walks down the street.

  • Wilks

    I can only hope War Machine is captured and treated for his mentally unstable behaviour and punished for his actions to the absolute extreme.

    • Boots ‘ N’ Braces 4 Life

      He should get help and learn appropriate ways to deal with and cope with his negative feelings and anger and heal completely first before doing anything else with his life!

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I mean she can’t be that much in bad shape if she is all over social media doing her thing. Yeah she looks messed up. But like this happens every day across the country. Domestic violence is no joke. Ask any cop, it is the most hated call they can get. Cause either the chick turns on the cops when they show up or she ends up going back to the guy.

    • Dyce

      They always end up going back to the guy. Most young women are stuck in that stupid phase until their late 20s or early 30s. They are attracted to the drama, and the bad boy mannerisms. Of course you could be a bad boy and not get physical. But the combo makes them love the drama, so they keep coming back. After their pussies are loose, stretched, and multiple men have done run through them, then they settle for some ‘nice dude’. The ‘nice dude’ gets all the leftovas….

      • Fazzax

        You are seriously insinuating hat the real victims of domestic violence are the men who have to be with women with “loose pusses”? What is wrong with you?!

        • Dyce

          No, you’re insinuating that all on your own because you didn’t read what I said correctly. You applied it to whatever shit you had in your head…

  • Glybirdy

    I got chills reading this. Genuinely scary. The poor woman…there is zero justification in any way shape or form for this. NEVER hit a woman. Ever.

  • Dyce

    Something doesn’t seem right about this story, and it seems like a set up… Dude probably owes a shit load of money to some Mafioso.

  • Dyce
    I thought this was his EX gf. Why would he surprise her with an engagement. They supposedly broke up in May as the statement said. None of this shit adds up.

    • Wilks

      The man clearly has mental issues.

    • SJ

      He is in denial about his own behavior.
      He wants to control her.
      If she believes him, she’s as good as fuckin dead.
      The cops will believe him if he goes to therapy and does the necessary work which is challenging and not going to be easy but will be well worth doing and he won’t ever have to worry or be concerned with or about the cops going after him again. Unless he doesn’t go for help then he will end up in prison or dead.

    • handsome

      Sounds like he is a couple taco’s short of a combination plate!

  • Steve Williams

    Lets make a petition for a punishment. When he is caught, amputate his arms and legs then take him to hospital for treatment and let him live. This will be his punishment and lesson to other cowards like him. Our law is nothing but a sissy garbage, no one is scared of it, anyone can take advantage and do what they want coz in the end they know they will live. People go on a killing spree outside theaters and inside mall and yet our government provides them an attorney…. wtf really?

    • SJ

      Prevent him from wanting to behave wrongly in the first place and require him to go get help and no longer rely on his past behavior which only got him into trouble and caused further problems.
      Don’t allow him to abuse the system and teach him appropriate and good behaviors and ways to behave. Have him help others and guide them in the right way to become and be better.


    Well technically they where both just doing their jobs….All jokes aside this is pretty messed up. Nobody should ever have to be made to feel like this in a relationship or take a horrible beating. Rape is another horrendous crime that has been desensitised in the last few years. Glad she didn’t have to experience that on top of this already horrible ordeal.

  • dru

    Now it would be a go
    od time for him to commit suicide. Shame on him.

  • Tinara

    This SCUMBAG!!! They (HE!) broke up 3 FRIKKIN’ months ago! THREE! She’s a pornstar so why do we have to put up with this sh**?! Just because a guy was there makes no difference. It’s been 3 months.

    Hey Koppenhaver, if you’re reading this, why don’t you swallow a bunch of razor blades and close your eyes for a century or two.

    • IKeepsit100

      “we”? what is your pornstar name….i need it for research to cure lotion and tissues.

    • bootgirl unity

      Realize that frustration causes people to speak rashly and harshly out of their own problems and disrespectful dysfunctional behavior.

  • RynoJordan23

    This guy deserves to have this done to him ten times over. Pathetic coward.

  • Poppy’s Hammer

    Lol, he couldn’t get it up, what a failure.

    • IKeepsit100

      Is that the most important part? I hope your a female.

      • Poppy’s Hammer

        Did I say it’s important? No. Has the important stuff being covered by the rest of the posters? Yes. Do I have to be female to laugh at a man not being able to get an erection on the spot? No. Is it something that is even a straight guy can laugh at? God yes.

        It’s bad enough he performed the assault, but to make him look even worse is he couldn’t get it up, which makes him a laughing stock too.

  • The Ryback

    The $10K reward should be a dead or alive bounty

  • Trevor

    he deserves to die

  • Emelie Gustavsson

    So you are saying that its ok for a man to fight a woman if they have the same* strenght… Man, i hope not to many boys out there share your thoughts.

    You should make up your mind either u are against men beating woman or not. Sounds to me that u like it if its called “sport”

  • eatshit&diewarmachime

    He should have a large wooden stake pushed through his asshole and out his back ala Vladimir The Impaler, and left to slide down it with his bodyweight. Or just saw his head off with a jagged blade and slam it onto a spike for display. Fuck him and the stupid ass people in this discussion.

    • SJ

      Losers don’t get it that proventing problems is worth doing.
      Winners understand preventing issues from occurring is the first step toward
      making a positive difference

  • Michael

    She is a porn star. Basically a whore. Has sex for money. Has sex without marraige. He had no right to hit her but so many stories like this is getting old. She should of found someone then got married then have relations. Not have sex for money be naked all over the internet then be surprised something bad happens. No morals what so ever anymore.

    • Wilks

      Yet you still masturbate to her, hypocrite.

  • TheScorpionDude

    Hellllooooooooo ALL OF YOUUUUUUUUU, A PORNSTAR and a RETARD fighter have some RETARD drama. They both have LOW LOW IQ, and WE are all following and slurping up this shit. Are you all going to seriously believe either of them. Or even care ?
    Does any female poster here identify with that slut ?


  • Stephen Van der Sar

    she should of stayed in the kitchen!

    • Barry Ferguson

      She is a slut. Should of swallowed his load when he asked

      • Steven Lampard

        Ha! He was right to smack that bitch. She deserved it for being a disrespectful cheating cunt.

        • Antonio Di Natale

          If people would stop making this about domestic abuse they would read that he caught her cheating a while ago and she was extorting him