Chuck Liddell On Jon Jones: “I’d Be Big Trouble For Him”

Ever since he was criticized him for not fighting at UFC 151 a few years ago, Jon Jones hasn’t been the biggest Chuck Liddell fan. If he caught the recent episode of “The Fighter And The Kid” podcast, he definitely won’t be changing his mind anytime soon.

UFC Hall Of Famer Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell appeared on the weekly program this week and explained why he would be a bad style matchup for the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

“We’ll see how he comes back,” Liddell said during his appearance on the show. “He always shows up to fight. He’s good at winning fights. If he keeps beating everybody he’s the best right now. I still think if he fought someone like me in my prime he would have a lot of trouble.”

Liddell continued, “The problem is he doesn’t hit hard enough to hurt me and he’s not going to out-wrestle me. He’s not going to out-wrestle me and I hit too hard for him. I would catch him sooner or later. Styles make fights.”

“What he does really well, if you’ve got a guy that’s a great striker, he can out-wrestle them,” Liddell said of Jones. “If he’s got a guy who’s a wrestler, he can out-strike him, out-point him. For me? I’d be big trouble for him because if he could take me down he wouldn’t be able to keep me down, if he even got a takedown. I will hit him. I’ll put my hands on him. I could still give him trouble.”

Jon Jones is scheduled to make his Octagon return at UFC 197, as he looks to regain his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship from the man who won it while he was suspended, Daniel Cormier.

UFC 197: Cormier vs. Jones II takes place on Saturday, April 23, 2016 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.