Cinco De MMA – Chicago Cage Fight Main Event Wrap-Up

Sam R. sent along the following:

Cinco de MMA. 05-05-07 Fighter for Life Vaughan Palelei Victorious in bone breaking MMA Return

Heavyweight MMA Fighter Vaughan “Fighter for Life” Palelei emerged victorious in his first comeback fight with a resounding ground and pound TKO win at 1:10 of the first round over Darryl “JR” Harris in the main event of the Cinco de MMA show in Cicero Illinois.

Palelei returned to the ring after a four year layoff in support of his “Fighter for Life” cancer fighting campaign and is donating all his fighters purse to cancer charities.

In the first stand up exchange, Harris managed to land a hard left hand flush on Palelei combination that shook Harris and forced him to shoot for the takedown. Palelei sprawled and reversed Harris to half guard, passed and then began his ground and pound attack. Harris gave his back and Palelei opted to continue striking instead of going for a rear naked which was begging. After Palelei landed several heavy unanswered shots the referee mercifully called a stop to the fight at 1:10 of the first round. In a scene that could be taken from a Rocky movie, grappling hall of famer Bob Schirmer reset Palelei’s nose in the dressing rooms after the fight, where he literally pushed the fighters nose back in
place. Even other seasoned fighters were cringing as the bone could be heard scraping back in place…

So if you’ve ever thought being an MMA Fighter, don’t get your nose out of joint if I tell you that it ain’t easy.

Palelei improved to 27-2-1 and Harris dropped to 4-2

Palelei’s next fight is June 2 on the Total Fight Challenge