Clarification On The Rampage/Sakuraba Story

The following is an update on the Rampage/Sakuraba story from earlier this week. The quote is from CBS Sportsline writer Sam Caplan's MMA blog:

Mauro was Pride’s play-by-play announcer for several years and has a strong knowledge of how the company did business, as a result. He said there was a six-month period in Pride where fighters were offered bonuses if they lost via ref stoppage from strikes or a submission. The idea behind the bonus wasn’t to get fighters to take dives, but to entice them not to quit in order to make the fights more dramatic. The clause never served its intended purpose and that was it.

Mauro ask Trebilcock if maybe Rampage misunderstood the situation. Trebilcock said no, and that Rampage and a representative he sent over with Rampage on his behalf both told him what had happened and that there was no miscommunication. Trebilcock said it was former Pride executives Hideki Yamamoto and Yukino Kanda who were behind the offer and that Sakikabara had no knowledge. Mauro was a little surprised because he said from his vantage point, all contractual details went through Sakikabara.

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