Club Atmosphere Fights Are Back, Results From The RFC

The club fights are back. When MMA seemed destined to be in huge stadiums, civic centers and arenas, a few organizations still understand the lure of a small venue where one cannot help but sit next to some big name industry type.

This past Friday night, the club fight feel returned to Florida with the Revolution Fighting Championships in Fort Lauderdale. The event took place in the same venue that more often hosts heavy metal bands than cage fights, but in what should be the first of many, the event was a hit.

In the main event Roger Krahl of the American Top Team painted the canvas a dark crimson color with his own blood from a cut on the top of his head. His effort was well recognized as he fought a former pro Footballer turned Foot-Brawler, Herbert Goodman. Krawhl’s cornerman James Sutcliffe estimated that at least a dozen stitches would be needed to close up the deep gash on his teammates head.

In terms of other large cuts, Shah Bobonis had a deep wound on his nose that appeared to go pretty close to the bone. As bad as it looked, he was walking around in the crowd for the rest of the evening talking to fans and fellow Freestyle Fighting Academy teammates, and doing so in his hot pink dyed hair.

Walking away with his first professional win, and Polanti watch as a bonus prize, Mike Ottman, won quickly over a man of the same first name. Mike King had recently won in seconds in Miami in January and was thought to be the next local favorite. Ottman quickly erased that thought. A representative from a local mixed martial arts retailer Sobe Knockouts quickly made sure to get Ottman’s contact information for a possible future sponsorship before Mike went to get his hand looked at because of a possible fracture.

In all the night went well and many fans should seek out any club fights in their local areas.