CM Punk Dominated In UFC Debut Against Mickey Gall At UFC 203

Well, CM Punk claimed it was his new career, we’ll see how long that lasts.

“The Best in the World,” former WWE Superstar Phil Brooks made his MMA debut at age 37 on Saturday night, getting dominated in a one-sided affair to relative unknown, rising UFC rookie prospect Mickey Gall in one of the co-featured bouts at the UFC 203 event in Cleveland, Ohio.

Gall immediately took down Punk in the third fight from the top at the PPV at the Quicken Loans Arena this weekend, beating him down with ground and pound before securing a rear-naked choke and forcing the tap at the 2:14 mark of the very first round.

Punk and Gall were respectful in defeat, and Punk had noticeable damage to his eye and ear after the brief Octagon appearance. Punk noted that this won’t be his last fight, despite the fact that it didn’t go his way tonight. He calls tonight the second best night of his life after getting married.

For those following the theme music fun, Gall did end up coming out to the Toni Basil song, “Hey Mickey,” while Punk came out to his old WWE theme song, Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality.”

For complete UFC 203 results, click here.


  1. I like what Gall said at the end though, telling those haters off. They’re mostly wrestling fans though as everybody else is either indifferent or cool with Punk. They’re very immature. All they do is hate, bully and harass. Even some of their own wrestlers can’t stand them.

  2. Punk needed to find some matches before fighting in the UFC. Fighters like Gall will look better than usual against a rookie because they have zero fear of them. Without the element of fear on a fighters side they are looked at as a wounded animal. They’ll go right after them. It’s like the difference between fighting 2008 Fedor and Strikeforce Fedor.

    Or the difference between fighting Lesnar before Carwin exposed him and after.

    I bet in Gall’s next fight he’s more tentative and loses quickly. But against Punk he simply had no fear or respect for Punk as a fighter. Any future fights Punk has in MMA will be an uphill battle. They’ll come after him like wolves to sheep until he earns some respect.

    But I doubt White lets him fight again in the UFC.

  3. I feel bad for him but yet again, Brock also loss his UFC debut. I would give him another shot and see if he can cut it in the UFC.

  4. Don’t know why all the hate for the guy. He took what was available to him. UFC is no-longer a sport and MMA fans should acknowledge this.

    The UFC is about entertainment and making money. That is all (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

  5. Have you seen Mickey fight before? His first UFC fight was pretty much the same as this and when Dana found him at the show he was at, he was the same way. He found him on their show Looking for a Fight. The kid is aggressive and confident. Apparently has been training for a while now. I like the match up with Northcutt, should be interesting. I don’t like Sage, but he can fight too. You’re right about Punk, he definitely needed a few warm up fights, the guy has zero experience as a fighter. But I guess they were looking for a big pay day. You can train all you want to be a fighter, but until you’re in there you have no idea what you’re really made of. I give him credit for trying though, I mean, if someone is going to give you the opportunity to fulfill a dream and you make 500k on your first fight? I can’t imagine many would turn that down.


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