Column: Kimbo: Just “Slice” Off Some Of That Respectability

By Charles Jay

I’m relatively new to this, which is why this may sound like a revelation, but it’s occurred to me that there are two groups of you out there – the folks that started to follow mixed martial arts in part because of what it was NOT, and those who are following it in the hope that it will become something else.

If you are part of the latter group, I’ll probably get some hate mail from you at the end of this particular piece.

I say this is the wake of Kimbo Slice’s win against someone named James “The Colossus” Thompson, a fight which, surprisingly, had a few twists and turns. Of course, maybe I should not have been so surprised, since I didn’t think that even the purveyors of this thing would be so brazen as to sell a complete tank job over to CBS in the hope of putting Kimbo, whose real name is Kevin Ferguson, over. Even so, I can tell you it wasn’t exactly their intention for Ferguson to be life-and-death (figuratively speaking, of course), going into the last round.

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