COMPUBOX MMA Debut Report – CFFC (Kimbo-Mercer)


by Bob Canobbio

Compu-Combat, the computer program that counts and categorizes strikes thrown and connected during mixed martial arts fights made it debut last Saturday night at the CFFC-5 event at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. Owned and operated by CompuBox Inc., the Compu-Combat program tallies arm & leg strikes thrown and connected, with percentage landed, from the standing and ground positions. The Compu-Combat program also scores takedowns and submission attempts. Tallied arm & leg strikes produce a “total strike” count.

Here’s what Hall of Fame announcer The Colonel, Bob Sheridan had to say about the Compu-Combat system after serving as play-by-play man for the CFFC-5 event:

“As a broadcaster, I've always enjoyed getting the extra input that CompuBox provides to boxing (and now mma) telecasts …it's just a terrific tool to add more information for the viewer. The big suprise to me was not the total number of strikes, because the rounds are longe , but rather the continued high percentage of strikes that landed. CompuCombat is a terrific innovation for mma and I'm sure all of the mixed martial arts companies will begin to enhance their shows with the information provided by the new innovation of Compu-Combat. I’m proud to think I was a part of this new and exciting innovation to the world of combat sports…”

Here’s the round-by-round breakdown from all ten fights.

Kimbo Slice via guillotine choke in round one over Ray Mercer…Once the trash-talking ceased, Kimbo immediately overpowered Mercer. Slice landed 24 of 28 total strikes (86%) to just 5 of 8 for Mercer. Slice surprisingly took Mercer down, leading to a guillotine choke submission.

Josh Rhodes KO 2 Noah Inhofer…Like Rivera vs. Aquino, this one was a throwdown from the opening bell. A bruising first round, fought mainly on the feet, saw Inhofer land 49 of 71 total strikes (69%), wobbling Rhodes, who landed 44 of 62 (71%) total strikes. That’s 93 combined strikes landed. In round one, Rhodes landed 34 of 50 arm strikes, while Inhofer mixed in 28 arm strikes and 16 leg strikes. Rhodes took Inhofer down at the bell beginning round two, then proceeded to pummel Rhodes, landing 37 of 43 (86%) ground strikes before the fight was stopped.

Devidas Taurosevicius via arm bar in round one over Kevin Roddy… They grappled nearly the entire round, with the spirited Roddy, who took the fight on short notice, actually outlanding the more experienced Taurosevicius 19-12 in total strikes. Roddy landed 17 of 26 ground strikes (65%) to 9 of 13 for Devidas before submitting via an arm bar.

Gregor Gracie via rear naked choke in round one over Josh Lydell…Gracie landed 32 of 42 total strikes (76%), 29 of 36 (81%) from the ground position before submitting Lydell, who landed just 4 total strikes.

Dante Rivera via straight ankle lock in round two over Alexis Aquino…A tale of two fights- as it was bombs away in round one, as they combined to land 112 of 162 total strikes, 54 of 72 (75%) for Rivera and 58 of 90 (64%) for Aquino. Rivera landed 29 arm strikes and 25 leg strikes while Aquino hit on 37 arm strikes and 21 leg strikes as they fought the entire five minute round on their feet. All submission fighting in round two with Rivera ending the fight via a straight ankle lock.

Nick Serra via armbar in round two over Mike Varner…A competitive and active first round fought mostly on the feet, as Serra landed 41 of 61 total strikes (67%) to 22 of 35 for Varner (63%). 19 of Serra’s connects were leg strikes on the feet. Varner landed 12 of 16 leg strikes while standing. Serra scored a takedown in the second, then landed 28 of 36 ground strikes before ending the fight with an armbar submission, as it was “tap or snap” time for Varner.

Jim Miller via triangle choke in round one over Anthony Morrison…The fighters grappled on the canvas throughout the five minute round before Miller hit on a triangle choke at the bell. 12 of Miller’s 15 landed strikes occurred on the ground. Morrison hit on 13 of 20 total strikes, 10 from the ground position.

Nick Catone W 3 (unan. dec.) John Howard…Catone’s wrestling skills allowed him to dominate round one, as he landed 14 ground strikes among his 23 total strikes landed. Howard landed just 5 of 8 total strikes. Most of round two was fought on the ground, with Catone holding a 9-5 edge in strikes landed. Ground and pound for Catone in round three, as 22 of his 23 total strikes landed occurred on the canvas. Overall, Catone landed 55 of 74 total strikes (74%), including 45 of 61 ground strikes (74%) to 21 of 32 for Howard, forced to fight defensively all three rounds.

Lyman Good W 3 (unan. dec.) Doug Gordon…A close first round, fought mostly on the feet, saw Good land 19 of 24 total strikes (79%) to 10 of 21 (48%) for Gordon. 9 of Good’s 19 landed strikes were with the legs. Good had a great round two, landing 26 ground strikes among his 30 total strikes landed. Good’s dominance continued into round three, as he landed 14 of 20 total strikes, including 10 of 14 ground strikes. Overall, Good landed 63 of 84 total strikes (75%) to 16 of 42 (38%) for Gordon.

Al Buck W 3 (unan. dec.) Brian Demuro…Buck outlanded Demuro in total strikes in all three rounds. Round one: Buck landed 16 of 23 total strikes (70%) to 13 of 27 (48%) for Demuro. Buck took Demuro down two minutes into round one, then dominated, landing 8 ground strikes. Buck nearly executed a guillotine choke late in the second.

It was all Buck in round two, he landed 26 of 30 total strikes (87%), including 11 from the ground combat position after taking down Demuro. Demuro’s attempted choke late in the round got Buck’s attention. A close third round saw Buck land 23 of 31 total strikes (74%) to 16 of 27 for Demuro, who scored on 11 of 16 ground strikes after Buck slipped to the canvas after landing a neck kick. Overall, Buck landed 65 of 84 total strikes (77%) to 32 of 66 (48%) for Demuro. Buck’s diversified his attack, landing 18 arm strikes and 23 leg strikes on the feet and 24 in the ground combat position.