CompuStrike Stats For UFC 100

A complete breakdown of UFC 100 is now available on Compustrike. The guys have once again broken down the card top to bottom to give MMA fans a blow by blow look at how each fight on the July 11th card broke down.

CompuBox, the company that brought punch statistics to Boxing, is now offering its latest program, CompuStrike, to the Mixed Martial Arts industry.

The CompuStrike computer program counts and categorizes strikes thrown and connected during mixed martial arts fights, breaking down standing and ground stikes, as well as takedowns and submission attempts. Tallied arm and leg strikes produce a “total strike” count.

CompuBox Bio

CompuBox Inc. is owned and operated by Bob Canobbio. In 1985, CompuBox, Inc. developed the computer program that counts and categorizes punches thrown and connected in boxing matches.

CompuBox's clients include HBO, HBOPPV,, TopRank PPV, Yahoo! Sports, HDNet,,,, ESPN, VERSUS, MSG Network, NBC, Custom Special Tees, Inc. (Fight Program Content) Broadway Boxing, Ballroom Boxing, Turner Sports, Cedric Kushner Promotions, and various Pay Per View promotions.

CompuBox Inc. has also been hired by trainers Eddie Futch, Emanuel Steward and worked with champions Larry Holmes, Ray Leonard, Michael Spinks, Evander Holyfield, Mike McCallum, Pernell Whitaker, Meldrick Taylor, Mark Breland, Lennox Lewis, Oscar de la Hoya and other contenders to compile analysis on future opponents and attend the fighter's sparring sessions.

Bob Canobbio previously worked at Sport Illustrated and researched HBO Sports awarding-winning “Boxing's Best” Series.

Also manning the CompuBox keys are Joe Carnicelli, former sports editor at UPI; former Junior Lightweight Champion, Genaro Hernandez; former professional fighters, Saul Avelar and Dennis Allen; along with Nic Canobbio; former UPI boxing scribe, Dave Raffo; and noted boxing writer and historian, Lee Groves.

Operating the CompuStrike keys are MMA expert Andy Kasprzak, current MMA professional fighter Ryan LaFlare and former MMA fighter Erik Ott.