CompuStrike Stats For UFC 105 Couture Vs. Vera

CompuStrike stats for UFC 105 are now online and available HERE:

UFC 105: Couture vs. Vera
11/14/09 – Manchester, England
CompuStrike Round-by-Round Stats

Main Event

Randy Couture W 3 (Unan) Brandon Vera

Inside the Numbers: Not much action during this fight as Couture did enough to get the decision. He out-struck Vera 57-32 in total strikes and had 1 takedown out of 6 attempts. Vera averaged only 20 strikes thrown and 10 strikes landed during the fight as Couture averaged 28 total strikes thrown and 19 landed.

Main Card

Dan Hardy W 3 (Unan) Mike Swick

Inside the Numbers: The numbers show a virtually even fight but Hardy was able to land the more damaging strikes. Hardy was 88 for 153 in total strikes thrown and landed while Swick was 83 for 156. The fight was mainly in the clinch as 30 of Hardy's 46 total arm strikes were in the clinch while 39 of Swick's 56 arm strikes were in the clinch. Hardy was also able to takedown Swick in the 3rd Round to secure the win.

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