Conor McGregor Comments On Joao Carvalho’s Death, Being Ringside For The Fight

As noted, Portuguese fighter Joao Carvalho died just 48 hours after being knocked out by Irish fighter Charlie Ward at a Total Extreme Fighting event on Saturday evening. On Tuesday, Ireland’s biggest MMA star and Ward’s teammate, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor commented on the tragedy.

The UFC Featherweight Champion took to social media, posting the following on his official Facebook page about Carvalho’s death, as well as being ringside for the fight.

For more on Joao Carvalho’s tragic passing, as well as video footage of the final minute of the Carvalho-Ward fight from the TEF event this past Saturday night, click here.

Terrible news regarding Joao Carvalho. To see a young man doing what he loves, competing for a chance at a better life, and then to have it taken away is truly heartbreaking.

We are just men and women doing something we love in the hope of a better life for ourselves and our families. Nobody involved in combat sports of any kind wants to see this. It is such a rare occurrence that I don’t know how to take this.

I was ringside supporting my teammate, and the fight was so back and forth, that I just can’t understand it.

My condolences go out to Joao’s family and his team. Their man was a hell of a fighter and will be sorely missed by all.

Combat sport is a crazy game and with the recent incident in boxing and now this in MMA, it is a sad time to be a fighter and a fight fan.

It is easy for those on the outside to criticise our way of living, but for the millions of people around the world who have had their lives, their health, their fitness and their mental strength all changed for the better through combat, this is truly a bitter pill to swallow. We have lost one of us.

I hope we remember Joao as a champion, who pursued his dream doing what he loved, and show him the eternal respect and admiration he deserves.

Rest in peace, Joao.