Conor McGregor, Top Irish WWE Superstar Sheamus Exchange In “Twitter War”

When Irish UFC Featherweight contender Conor McGregor was asked during an SI Now appearance today whether or not he could beat up popular Irish WWE Superstar Sheamus in a real-fight, McGregor replied by saying, “I would whoop his ass. It would be no contest.” Shots fired!

Of course a proud Irish tough guy himself, the WWE Superstar was quick to take to social media to fire back at the “The Notorious” one.

Below are a series of back-and-forth tweets from McGregor and Sheamus, who took the trash-talk one step further.

NOTE: The two weren’t done yet, as they were only getting started! To read the rest of their back-and-forth trash talk, which gets turned up a notch, click below to advance to page two