Couture Talks On How He Plans To Counter Lesnar's Size


“I brought Josh Hendricks in. He's actually fighting on the same card against Gabe Gonzaga,” Couture told ( “He's a 245-pound guy with a wrestling background — a collegiate wrestler at Oklahoma State, my alma mater. I've got guys like Mike Whitehead and a bunch other guys that walk around 240, 250 with good, solid wrestling backgrounds. … We've got a good crew. They're pushing me and ganging up on me. It's hard to find guys like Brock that are that size and move the way he moves.”

“The more I can make a big guy like that move and make him work, and threaten to take him down … just because he's 270 pounds doesn't mean I can't take him down. I've taken down bigger guys,” Couture said. “So, I can create that threat and that fear in his mind that he's going to end up on the bottom, which is someplace he's not used to being. Those are things that I can focus on, and use speed and mobility and those things as advantages for me.”


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