Cro Cop Offers No Comment, Say It Is A Trade Secret

Translation and thanks to Robert K at for sending this along

Mirko Filipovic arrived in Zagreb, and journalists were greeted with a dance. A happy but tried Cro Cop did not have enough time to sleep. As for the fight, well, he was pleased with his performance.

'I tired to protect my knee,' said Cro Cop, referring to the knock-out after only three minutes of fighting. His knee was never an issue for the fight. However he was unhappy that his opponent tried to target it, it was unsportsmanlike he thought.

As for the continuation of his career, and recent stories about his departure from the UFC and the Japanese Dream, Cro Cop had no comment. He could stay with the UFC, or switch to a Japanese Dream, and other associations are not impossible. However, Filipovic had no intention to talk about his future until they a deal is finalized.

'This is a trade secret, I do not want to talk about it,' he explained.

Tomorrow Mirko is going to have vacation in Pula.