CroCop “Annoyed” By Pre-Fight Obligations In UFC, More

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Mirko in cage with Gonzaga in front of 16000 people

Mirko doesn't like showbiz, but showbiz is exactly what the UFC, his current organization, wants. They made a circus even in the weigh-ins, in front of around thousand people.

“In Japan I came to the hotel and didn't get out until the fight, and after the fight I went home. Here I have to do conferences, weigh-ins, and I don't like it, it annoys me, but it's their way, and I chose this job myself. Oh, I'm not sorry…”, Mirko says.

Gonzaga and Mirko exchanged a couple of dangerous stares. It's going to get even more dangerous tomorrow in M.E.N. arena in Manchester where 16000 people are expected, including Manchester United players Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand. Gonzaga looks dangerous, he's heavier than Mirko, and dangerous on the ground.

“I'm not familiar with him, I saw three of his fights, one of which he won after a minute on the ground. He's still rather unknown, I'm pretty sure he trained a lot and improved his boxing”, Mirko explained. Mirko got the biggest applause of all the fighters in Bridgewater Hall.

Tomorrow he will be careful trying not to be taken down by Gonzaga, and it would be nice if he could end the fight quickly. “I'm not goint to let anyone take me down, it's not an easy thing to take me down. Now, I don't know whether I'll win in first, second or third round, I don't have a clue, and I must not look at it that way. I don't like that I have to wait, the fact my fight is the last one scheduled.”

Mirko looked pretty calm, and in a good mood. Maybe because he did good in last night's game of cards. He played against his manager, and Mirko won 8:0. “We don't want him to be nervous because of cards, so we let him win”, Mirko's manager Lucic said.

Mirko also said this on Gonzaga: “I don't have anyone in Pride to compare Gonzaga with because I'm not really familiar with him. Everything will be clear when we stand in front of each other, when the fight begins. We will eneter the cage and fight, and see who comes out on top. I don't know how many strikes Gonzaga can take, we will see everything tomorrow, he's probably ready for the fight, but I'm ready for him as well”.

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