CroCop Ready To Return In September, Could Fight Overeem

From Crocop's Profile on

Hi everyone, I'm excited to let you know that my recovery has been going really well and I've recently restarted my MMA training routines. So far I had no troubles with my leg and I'm positive that all problems with it are behind me. It's good to be back to my full training regiment and I have no doubts that I'll be 100% ready to fight very soon.

I was asked by the members of media if I'm willing to fight Overeem since we challenged me twice already. I watched DREAM 5 and I was happy to see a strong heavyweight match-up on the card, I have no doubts that DREAM will put more match-ups like that in the future. It was a very good performance by Alistair I must say. I'm happy to accept his challenge and I'm looking forward to this fight as I believe that we can deliver an entertaining fight. Now it's up to DREAM to make this fight happen, I'm ready to face my challenger on the next show already.

I see many people speaking about me as a washed-up fighter but this is just another boost to my motivation. I'm working hard to get back on track and meeting and defeating strong competitors in the ring is all that I think of nowdays.


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