Cung Le Says He's Fighting Frank Shamrock In March

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Cung Le over at

PDG: Since Frank excepted your challenge at that last Strikeforce event, he put up a little Youtube (Video) video of the two of you sparring several years ago basically mocking your skills. Did you get a chance to see it and what you think?

Cung Le: Yes I have seen it and that Youtube video is only about 30 seconds long. You should ask him to post the whole un-edited video and then people can make up their own mind. That video only contained the first round of our warm-ups but that's fine because now fans can have something to watch that will help build up the fight. Personally, I laughed at the video. When we were sparring that time Frank had his video camera and I did not have one, so he is the only one that has the whole un-edited version. So unless Frank posts the whole video, fans will just have to wait until March to see what really happened during that sparring session.


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