Cynthia Calvillo Comes Up Just Shy Of Submitting Joanne Calderwood In Decision Win

Cynthia Calvillo
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In our co-main event of the evening, a couple of top-ranked UFC strawweight contenders go head-to-head, as Joanne Calderwood and Cynthia Calvillo are locked inside the Octagon. Here’s the play-by-play:

Round 1:

Calderwood presses the action to start things off with some front kicks but Calvillo lands some body shots in response. A very tentative approach from both women before Calderwood lands a nice front kick to the body. Calvillo lands herself with some jabs before getting a takedown. Calvillo takes the back but after a scramble she has the armbar attempt in. Calderwood breaks free as time expires in the round.

Round 2:

Calderwood keeps Calvillo at bay with the front body kicks but Calvillo is able to slip in a right hook that lands. Calderwood lands a leg kick that takes Calvillo off balance and drops her for a second, but she is able to pop right back up. Calderwood’s nose is now showing blood as she stuffs a takedown attempt and jams a kick into Calvillo’s gut.

A great left hook lands for Calvillo followed by an overhand. Calderwood lands a great spinning elbow and both girls clap hands smiling in approval. Calvillo lands some nice shots on the inside and the round comes to a close with an exchange of leg kicks form distance.

Round 3:

Calvillo tries to get the fight to the ground but is unsuccessful. Neither girl is able to land much of anything until Calvillo rips off a few leg kicks. Calderwood drops an elbow in and lands a nice head-kick as well. Not much landing for either girl as Calderwood stuffs another takedown attempt. A body kick lands for Calderwood but Calvillo catches a kick and takes Calderwood’s back again. The round comes to an end with Calvillo locking in the rear-naked choke but Calderwood is saved by the bell.

Official Result: Cynthia Calvillo def. Joanne Calderwood via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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