Dana White Says Vitor Belfort Ready For Anderson Silva

Dana White talks during the post fight 103 press conference about Vitor Belfort possibly fighting Anderson Silva for the 185lb title:

“The question that I had coming into this fight was, `What Vitor were we gonna see? The explosive Vitor that wants to get somebody hurt, who goes right after them, or the Vitor that lays back and couldn’t pull the trigger? He pulled the trigger tonight, and as soon as he hurt [Franklin], he went right in for the kill. Vitor is a 185-pound fighter, that’s his weight division. To be honest with you, the way that the last two fights happened with Marquardt and Henderson against Anderson Silva, I think it would be better to see them fight each other, and the winner of that become the next contender. I think Vitor’s ready. I think Vitor’s ready to fight Anderson Silva.”

You can view the video HERE.