Dana White Suggests Picking Fight With Him Is Not A Good Idea

UFC President Dana White talks to The Las Vegas Sun about his buisness practices:

“One of the things about me is that I don’t (expletive). You’re never going to wonder where you sit with me. If we’re cool, you’re gonna absolutely, positively know we are. If we’re not, you’re gonna absolutely, positively know we’re not. Some people are weirded out by how competitive I am. But I’m no different than any other business, I just let you know. You’re never going to hear Nevada State Bank try to say they’re going to kick Bank of America’s ass, but they are. That’s what they are trying to do. They’re trying to beat them at the same business. People that come in and say I’m gonna try to compete with the UFC because they don’t do this right, and they don’t do that right, or we’re better at this and we’re better at that. Now you just picked a fight with me and now we’re gonna fight until somebody’s here and somebody’s not.”