Dana White Talks Shinya Aoki Breaking Opponents Arm

From MMAWeekly.com:

When it came to the subject of Shinya Aoki’s bad-boy turn, however, White was reluctant to issue condemnation.

Aoki drew tremendous criticism at Dynamite!! 2009 when he broke Sengoku lightweight champion Mizuto Hirota’s arm and flipped him off as he writhed in pain.

White said the behavior was part of the fight business.

“This isn’t (expletive) baseball or one of these other sports,” White said at a gathering of reporters after Saturday’s UFC 108. “Sometimes these guys hate each other. When you break a guy’s arm that you hate, flip him off, and let him know you’re glad you broke his arm, I guess, it happens sometimes.

“It’s not the greatest sportsmanship, but, `oh, that guy is terrible, he’s a horrible man and he shouldn’t fight anymore,’ this is the fight business, man. Crazy stuff happens in the fight business sometimes.”

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