Dana White: Wanderlei Setting Very Bad Precedent

UFC President Dana White gave his thoughts on Wanderlei Silva’s claims that his problems were behind him after meeting with the NSAC this week, and they are not on the same lines as Silva:

“I’m not the athletic commission, but I think he’s very wrong,” White said Thursday afternoon in an exclusive interview with UFC.com. “I think he’s in big trouble. You can not run away from a test. You can’t do it, and it sets a very bad precedent. He would have been better off taking the test and testing positive than running from the test. But I’m not a commission member. Maybe I’m wrong and he’s right. We’ll see what happens.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1350180385 Deanna Maniotis

    But Chael is so innocent. Failing two drug tests and getting arrested for money laundering. No one gets pissed how Chael is being praised by the UFC but a fighter who goes balls to the wall every fight and has been nothing but amazing to his fans gets shit on? Gtfo.