Denis Kang Looks To Make Major Statement Against Bisping

Denis Kang talks to the UK's Telegraph regarding his UFC 105 match up with Michael Bisping. The match up could be an important one for both fighters as they look to move up the ranks of the middleweight ladder:

“I’ve wanted to fight Bisping ever since I came to the UFC. He’s got a big name, and he is usually in good fights the fans care about and I think I will beat him so, obviously, he’s someone I looked at as a great fight for me and my career. Winning this fight against Bisping will end the year on a big high. I don’t see how he beats me. I hit harder than he does, I think I am faster and have better submissions. My wrestling is better than his. He is very good at avoiding submissions, so we will have to see how it goes. However I beat him, I am looking to make a major statement.”

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