Despite Friendship, It's Just A Fight For Jake Shields On Nov. 7th has an interesting interview up with Jake Shields who talks about his match up with Jason Miller this Saturday on CBS:

Derek Bolender ( You’re scheduled to face Jason “Mayhem” Miller on November 7. You guys did two episodes on MTV’s Bully Beatdown together. Did you guys get a chance to know each other at all during or outside filming?

Jake Shields: I’ve actually known Mayhem for years. We’re friends but it’s not like we’re great friends or anything. When I see him we’ll talk. It’s not like we call each other on the phone and catch up with each other. I like the guy, but I have no problem trying to break his nose.
Derek Bolender ( It’s conceivable you could beat the crap out of each other for five rounds and then go have a drink together afterwards?

Jake Shields: Yeah, definitely. I plan on winning the fight, but if for some chance I lost I wouldn’t be bitter. It’s not personal. It’s just a fight and I think we’re both aware of that. It’s related to the business. Sometimes you have to beat up people that are your friends.

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