Detailed Recap Of The UFC Fight Night 12 Conference Call


UFC Fight Night 12 Conference Call Notes

-Weigh-In's are tomorrow at 4pm PST

-Mike Swick says that he has no concerns about dropping in weight and this is a more natural weight for him.

-Patrick Cote says there are going to be a lot of fireworks in the fight against Drew McFedries and it will be a great fight for the fans and for the UFC. He says not to blink.

-McFedries says that even though he had some tragic events happen this year he'll be ready to go come Wednesday night.

-McFedries also says that he loves the match-up with Cote because they both will want to stand and trade.

-Swick's normal walking weight is around 180-185 lbs. He says right now he is between 180 lbs. and 185 lbs.

-McFedries says while training at Miletich camp there is usually no holding back. Three weeks before the fight they'll slow it down a bit so as to avoid injury but before that it's all out.

-Josh Burkman says he loves to fight and that he was born to fight. Fight day he is really excited. After spending eight weeks straight in the gym on fight day he tries to clear his head and get ready to go out to the cage.

-Cote says that he'll be ready to fight on the Montreal card but he does not want to look past this fight. He is worried about winning Wednesday for now.

-Swick says that he doesn't feel like he has any pressure on him anymore and he is fighting for him. He is going to put the best fight on that he can and will try to end it as quickly as possible. He is clear headed and focused at this point.

-Cote talks about training with Sityodtong is Boston. Says that he feels so much better now and that he is undefeated since starting to train there.

-Burkman says that for this fight he trained at Absolute MMA in Utah. One name that he mentions training with is Evan Tanner. Says that staying home has really helped him this time around and he has had one of his best camps yet.

-Burkman mentions that him and Swick are actually buddies but this is buisness and they have to go at it.

-Burkman says that he likes fighting on the Spike TV cards because all his friends and family will get to see him fight.

-Swick has similiar thoughts in terms of the exposure that can come from fighting on Spike TV.

-McFedries feels he is one of the toughest mental fighters out there.

-Drew mentions his staph infection and how hard and fast it hit him. At one point it took so much out of him that he didn't want to get up. Says that they had to take a 10×8 piece of skin from him including all the muscle and fat behind it. Says that he was in the hospital for 15 days and was an out-patient for more than a month.

-Cote was able to improve his all-around game training at Sityodtong. Say training with that team and the combination of his team in Montreal really helped him.

-Swick says his biggest concern with Burkman is that he doesnt want to get taken down.

-Burkman's biggest concern is Swick's nickname, “quick”, and he doesn't want to get caught in one of Mike's flurries.


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