Dog The Bounty Hunter Looking For War Machine, 7 Arrest Warrants Issued

According to reports, seven arrest warrants have been issued for the capture of War Machine, the former Ultimate Fighter star who was fired from Bellator last Friday when reports surfaced that he was involved in a violent domestic abuse incident with his girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack.

The warrants issued by the Las Vegas Police Department read as follows:

  • 1 count battery resulting in substantial bodily harm

  • 1 count battery by strangulation
  • 2 counts battery with substantial bodily harm
  • 1 count open and gross lewdness
  • 1 count assault with deadly weapon
  • 1 count coercion/threat with force

Additionally, famed bounty hunter “Dog The Bounty Hunter” has offered his services in tracking down the MMA star. “Dog” posted the following on his official Twitter account on Tuesday:

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