Dominick Cruz on UFC 207 Loss: ‘You Can’t Get Rid of me That Easy’

Dominick Cruz
Image Credit: Getty Images / Christian Petersen

Dominick Cruz doesn’t plan on sitting in a corner and crying over losing his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight title.

“The Dominator” dropped his 135-pound gold to Cody Garbrandt in late Dec. 2016 by unanimous decision. It was Cruz’s first loss since he was submitted by Urijah Faber back in March 2007. Funny enough, his second defeat as at the hands of another Team Alpha Male member.

Cruz recently sat down with Flo Combat to discuss the loss and why he’s confident in his ability to get the gold back:

“He came up with some good adjustments, and that team did and they got me that night–but it’s not over yet. I mean, you can’t get rid of me that easy–I proved it in that fight, in that fifth round, I won that round having lost three and four and I think that’s a big deal. I think it’s something that excites me to go back in there for the second round against him and when we fight again, or Dillashaw if he gets that belt, I’m right there. It’s not going to be easy scrapping with me in there and I’m looking forward to it.”

“No Love” and T.J. Dillashaw are set to throw leather for the UFC bantamweight title this July.