Dominick Reyes: ‘Life is about flow” (Exclusive)


You will be hard pressed to find someone as tranquil and respectful as top Light Heavyweight Prospect Dominick “The Devastator” Reyes. Even after his most recent highlight reel head kick knockout, that you can see HERE, Reyes isn’t the type of guy who buys into his own hype.

That knockout took place last weekend at LFA 13 at the Burbank Convention Center in Burbank, CA when he fought veteran Jordan Powell. Reyes knockout put him on the map as one of the best up and comers in the LHW division. Even earning him a spot on ESPN’s SportsCenter Top Plays. Natural power, that is never forced. Prior to his last fight, I spoke with Reyes about that power and how he doesn’t try and force it:

” …Life is about balance. Life is about flow. I carry that into everything I do. It has to flow. You can’t force anything in life, otherwise it’s not going to work. Whether is be the lazy shift. A job. Ya know, in a fight you can’t just try to throw hard and expect it to work out fine. I mean, you’ll get lucky. You might get lucky here and there, but as a general rule it has to fit. Everything has to flow, you have to move fluidly…”

Reyes goes on to give the credit to his flow and fluidity to his time spent playing college football. His theories on movement have helped him work his way up to a 5-0 record with 3 consecutive T/KO’s. If he keeps up this pace it won’t be long before his balance and flow help him force his way into an aging UFC LHW division.




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