Don Frye Wants To Make One Last Run At MMA Glory

Don “The Predator” Frye, who many may remember from way back in the old days of the first UFC events has told that he wants to make one more run at being a champion before retiring but will not fight for the UFC.

Frye, 42, holds a 19-7-1 record and holds wins in his time over Ken SHamrock, Gary Goodridge, and Tank Abbott. Frye also may be remembered for being in one of the most entertaining slug fest ever with Yoshihiro Takayama at Pride 21 in 2002.

As Frye tells Junkie:

“I've got about two years left,” Frye said. “Eventually I'll get my head out of my ass and make another run at it.”

And never one for self-censoring, Frye said he won't limit his options — with one notable exception.

“I'm a whore,” Frye admitted. “It's all about the money. I'll fight for anybody but the UFC.”


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