Donald Cerrone Calls Out Jamie Varner For Running


“After my fight (with James Krause) I wanted to remind people about (Jamie) Varner always getting out of the ICU. He just keeps drawing out our next fight. He needs to agree on a date so we can get it going. As a person, I can’t respect Varner anymore. For him to pull all the shit he does — he takes the easy way out, hiding behind things and milking it as long as he can. He called timeouts in his fights against both McCullough and Franca. He pulled his shit with me. He’s always looking for a way out. Well see how he finds a way out in our next fight. I am not sure what his problem is but he thinks too highly of himself. When the shit hits the fan, Varner’s the kind of guy that would rather flight then fight. I would like to knock that fucker’s head off. Hopefully he will stand with me, but he’ll likely shoot on me, try to take me down, and lay and pray. I’ve been working on my wrestling with Rashad Evans, all the guys at Greg Jackson’s; they are forcing me to get better. Jaime ran that whole fight last time. A champion isn’t supposed to do that. Maybe it was because his hand was broken. Whatever, you just don’t run. I will be coming at him the whole time. I’m a Cowboy, it’s a way of life, it’s a no quit attitude for me.”