Eddie Alvarez Recounts Conor McGregor KO With TUF Teammate

Eddie Alvarez
Image Credit: Getty Images/ Maddie Meyer

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez recalled his “worst nightmare” while comforting a member of his team on The Ultimate Fighter

Alvarez is coaching opposite former World Series of Fighting champion Justin Gaethje on this season of The Ultimate Fighter.

On a recent episode of the show, Alvarez reached out to team member Ariel Beck who had suffered a panic attack. The Philadelphia-native gave some heartfelt advice to his understudy:

“Hey, it’s fighting, it’s normal,” Alvarez said. “This is not a normal thing. Understand that this is not normal what we do Ariel when normal people see confrontation like this they walk the other way. That’s what separates us from normal people.

“I recently I had my worst nightmare come through. I got knocked out in front of millions of people in a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden.

“I thought about this moment, that this was a nightmare that you would think about for the rest of your career, then it happened to me and guess what happened afterward the next day? Nothing, everyone was still there, my family were there, my kids were still there. Nothing, it’s all built up. This is why it’s so exciting, we go up, we go down, or else it would be no fun.”