EDITORIAL: 5 Reasons Not To Start A Promotion In Southern Cali

Editorial: 5 reasons Not To Start a Promotion In Southern California

By Sid Needelman

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1. The WCO never happened, the WFA was DOA in the attempted revival, and those organizations had Babalu and A former UFC Champ on one card, and Rampage Jackson and Matt Lindland on the other. Why do you think you will do any better? The “Brawl for It All” show never really had the fighters it said it did, and even their dishonesty could not keep the event from being canceled.

2. Californians are Spoiled. The UFC loves southern California and between Zuffa’s UFC and WEC, half the events put on by Zuffa take place within a day’s drive (California or Vegas) and why should a Californian pay a day’s wage for anything less. Think about it, when Pride came to town they headed right for that area of the nation, and spoiled the Californians. And the Dynamite K-1 show, put on their effort in “So-cal” central, LA. Why would Californians who have a bunch of smaller shows already in the nearby casinos and local efforts, go to your show?

3. Because other states are better. Think about it, with 30 or so other states where the sport is legal, try being original. Hell, why not go the route other organizations did in the past and head to the Islands of the south east of the nation like Aruba or Costa Rica?

4. Blame Zuffa. No Zuffa and Dana White do not have their strings on the California athletic commission (see below for more on that) but they do have good ideas. Like other organizations, Dana has planted his fat behind in the center of a huge Martial Arts/Fitness weekend known as the Arnold’s Classic. Yes, even outside of California, the People of Cali seem to have a hold as their Governator holds this yearly event in Ohio. The GFC, a failed promotion tried to do an event during the big weekend a few years back but the attempts for a lasting entity failed. Why not start your event, unlike the WCO did in California on a random 12th of the month, but coordinate it for the night before another huge sporting event in another state like the Superbowl. Oh wait, Zuffa thought of that one already.

5. The California Commission is unpredictable. I agree that Nick Diaz should be punished for having illegal substances in his body while fighting, but I was not expecting a no contest. Agree or disagree, the CSAC seems to have more control over MMA and does more out of the norm actions, like suspending someone for suspicious cartwheel attacks [Brian Ebersole] or because a explicit stamped shirt that was worn at an event [Josh Thomson].


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