EliteXC: Heat Results: Cristiane Santos vs. Yoko Takahashi


Round 1
Cyborg fires out of her corner and clobbers Yoko Takahashi with a vicious volley of punches that leave her reeling just seconds into the bout. Takahashi finally hits the mat after absorbing a ton of punishment, only to have Cyborg go to her submission game. Cyborg misses an armbar and Takahashi sweeps to the top position. Cyborg tries to lock up a triangle but finds herself defending strikes as the round comes to an end. Cyborg takes the first round, 10-9 on the Sherdog card.

Round 2
Cyborg lands a big left hand to start things in the second. Takahashi immediately drops for a single-leg attempt. Cyborg fights off the attempt and continues her offensive. Cyborg is taking target practice now as she continues to batter Takahashi with punches and kicks. Takahashi, to her credit, is not backing down at all and although she has mounted no offense she has proven her toughness. Round two goes to Cyborg 10-9 once again.

Round 3
Cyborg's pace has slowed a bit as the women move into the final frame. Takahashi is actually moving forward and Cyborg is content to counter punch. Takahashi lands a hard spinning-back fist, but Cyborg doesn't budge an inch, she actually lands a hard right hand of her own to answer. Cyborg backs Takahashi into the cage and batters her with another flurry of punches as the final bell sounds. Sherdog scores the final round 10-9 for Santos.

Official scores are 30-26 and 30-27 (twice), all for Cyborg.


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