EliteXC: Heat Results: Gina Carano vs. Kelly Kobold


Round 1
Both trade hooks as Kobold clinches and gets double underhooks, and bullies Carano to the cage. Kobold drops for a single leg, as Carano defends and pummels up. Both women working hard from the body lock along the fence. Kobold dropping for the legs again, but Carano keeps her balance and controls Kobold's arm as Carano clears off the cage and trades punches with Kobold. Both women throwing rights and lefts, with Carano landing the cleaner punches with her right. Carano grabs the Thai clinch, and lands with two clean knees, but Kobold pushes Carano back to the cage, and drops for another single leg. Carano uses the cage well to defend the takedown as Kobold works for a high-crotch takedown. Kobold continues to hoist Carano off the cage with a high crotch but can't budge Carano. Carano gets off the cage and both women wail away with punches, Carano landing the better of the two as the bell rings.

Round 2
A short right stuns Kobold, as both again fire rights and lefts at each other. Carano grabs the Thai clinch, but Kobold wrestles her way out, and pushes Carano into the fence again. Kobold with a good short right hand against the fence, and fires another combination as she drops again to the legs, looking for the high-crotch takedown. Carano escapes. Carano in range, and lands a crisp left hook on an aggressive Kobold. Kobold steps in and Carano lands a short right hand. Kobold runs in twice in a row, and Carano lands two check left hooks that rock Kobold. Kobold puts her head down, and barrels at Carano with punches, but Carano is completely out of her range. Kobold runs into another right cross from Carano,but keeps coming forward, and Kobold finally gets a double leg takedown as she runs Carano into the fence. With only 10 seconds left, Kobold fires rights and lefts on top as Carano covers up until the bell rings.

Round 3
A cut has been opened over the right eye of Kobold as the third begins. Kobold again pushes Carano straight to the fence, working on a single leg, but switches to a double. Kobold pulls Carano off the fence, but Carano keeps her balance. Kobold now stomping Carano's feet hard looking to open up a takedown. Kobold struggling to pull Carano off the fence, but continues stomping away on Carano's feet. Referee Troy Waugh separates the two women from the clinch. Kobold comes in throwing wild swings, as Carano lands with counter crosses, and lands two vicious knees to the game Minnesotan, who again pushes Carano into the fence. Carano swims to the Thai clinch and lands a knee, and uses her arm to cross face Kobold away from her body. As she crossfaces Kobold, she slips to the side and locks on a rear naked choke from an awkward standing position, but can't loses position on the choke as the two fall to the mat. The two scramble to the feet, and Kobold barrels forward as the bout winds down, and Carano lands a massive teep to the face. With five seconds to go, Carano lands a hard front kick, and a series of left roundhouse kicks that smash Kobold to the face and body, punctuating the fight.

Official scores are 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 all for the still-undefeated Gina Carano.


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