EliteXC: Heat Results: Murilo Ninja Rua vs. Benji Radach


Round 1
Both fighters come out looking to trade, but neither throw many strikes through 30 seconds. Radach rushes Ninja with a combination from the outside, and drops him to one knee. Ninja recovers, and fires back with wild punches as both fighters end up slipping to the mat. Both fighters now trading blow-for-blow when a Radach hook smashes Ninja and sends him a careening across the cage, sliding into the fence, and fending off a weak double leg from Radach. Both end up on the canvas once again in an insane exchange. Ninja is feebly able to scramble into top position, but Radach slides up the cage, and in the first lull in 90 seconds, the two pummel against the fence. Ninja driving from a single leg, but Radach easily drops and sprawls out, getting head control and pushing away. Ninja lands a right hook, but Radach shoots a double leg and gets a takedown that puts Ninja against the cage. Ninja switches from quarter position and gets a kimura, but Radach escapes and is on top in half guard. Ninja not has full guard, throwing elbows to Radach's head. Ninja leans back as Radach postures, goiung for a heel hook. Ninja sinks a heel hook, but Radach's knee is bent and Ninja cannot fully extend, as Radach turns the corner and escapes, keeping top position. Radach trying to work past half guard, but Ninja goes for a heel hook again. Radach sits up, attempting to control the hands of Rua. As Ninja changes leg position, he scrambles up, and takes top position on Radach. Radach attempts to scramble to his feet, but from four quarter position, ninja controls Radach and throws hammerfists until the wild round expires.

Round 2
Both fighters with single strikes from out of range, as Rua walks Radach down but Radach counters with an uppercut as Ninja wades in. As Rua steps forward, a massive Radach right cross rips Ninja's head back. Ninja continues stalking, chopping at Radach with single leg kicks as Radach moves around the outside of the cage. Ninja shoots a weak double leg, and switches to a single leg, but a strong whizzer allows Radach to block the takedown and reset standing. Ninja again steps into range with his hands down, and slips throwing a lunging knee. Radach dives into Ninja's guard with three massive right hands that make the Brazilian go limp, prompting referee Jorge Alonso to step in and save Rua at 2:31 of the second round.


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