EliteXC Live Results: Antonio Silva vs. Justin Eilers (EXC HW Title)

CREDIT: Sherdog.com

Antonio Silva vs. Justin Eilers

Round 1
They circle, Eilers answering with a punch to Silva's outside kick. A minute and a half in and no man has claimed the cage. Eilers lands a nice jab. Silva goes for the double-leg and gets it. Eilers turtles and the Brazilian giant is all over him. Silva throws a punch and is penalized a point for striking to the back of the head. They begin again and Eilers lands square on Silva's chin, but slips in the exchange and falls. Eilers turtles, but manages to his feet again, shaking it off. A clinch on the fence and Silva has double underhooks. Eilers wiggles out, but pays with punches. They move out to center and tag each other well. Eilers is holding his own in the standup, but is overwhelmed by Silva's sheer size each time it hits the canvas. Silva 10-9.

Round 2
Silva attacks with his first one-two and Eilers' mouthpiece goes flying. Silva lunges forward with knees and more punches, and Eilers turns, then crumbles on the cage. Referee Herb Dean lets it go a few seconds more just to give Eilers the shadow of a doubt, but this one is all over. Silva is the new EliteXC heavyweight champion 19 seconds into the second round.