EliteXC “Uprising” Weigh-In Results For Tonight's Show

The following are the official numbers from last night's EliteXC weigh-ins for tonight's “Uprising” event from Hawaii, airing on the Showtime premium cable network:

Prelim Fights:

-Chico Cantiberos (150.1 lbs.) vs. Elias Delosruyes (150.7 lbs.)
-Justin Buchholz (160.3 lbs.) vs. Ikaika Choy-Fu (161.2 lbs.)

Undercard Fights:

-Tyson Nam (134.4 lbs.) vs. Albert Manners (135.5 lbs.)
-Jeff Cox (173.5 lbs.) vs. Kala Kolohe Hose (182.6 lbs.)
-Jose Diaz (186.7 lbs.) vs. Mark Kurano (182.6 lbs.)
-Mark Oshiro (133.2 lbs.) vs. Nui Wheeler (135.5 lbs.)
-Brandon Wolfe (170.6 lbs.) vs. Chad Klingensmith (170 lbs.)

Main Card Fights:

-Jake Shields (175.3 lbs.) vs. Renato “Charuto” Verissimo (173.2 lbs.)
-Joey Villasenor (185.1 lbs.) vs. Riki Fukuda (184.9 lbs.)
-Gina Carano* (141.1 lbs.) vs. Tonya Evinger (139.5 lbs.)
-Nick Diaz (160.5 lbs.) vs. Mike Aina (160.5 lbs.)
-Murilo “Ninja” Rua [c] (184.1 lbs.) vs. Robbie Lawler (184.9 lbs.) [EXC MW Title]

* Gina Carano weighed .1 lbs. over the required limit. The Evinger camp okayed the fight to proceed regardless.

  • Make sure to check out MMANews.com later tonight for detailed play-by-play results coverage of the EliteXC “Uprising” event. The coverage will be held on this page, so check it out – bookmark it, and return tonight for the live coverage!

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