EliteXC's Gary Shaw Responds UFC President To Dana White

Rick Walters from WrestlingOnTap.com sent along the following:

Gary Shaw Responds To Dana White

WrestlingOnTap.com had an opportunity to have a quick chat with EliteXC's Gary Shaw fresh of his return trip from England about the comments recently made by Dana White. Here's what Gary had to say:

“First of all Dana should be ashamed of using that type of language. There is no reason for it. Dana thinks that he invented the sport of mma. He is very lucky that he had rich friends in the Fertitta's to fund the sport, the Fertitta's are great I would never say otherwise about them. And even more lucky that SPIKETV bailed him out of a $35 million deficit. It's no wonder that fighters, like Tito Ortiz and others are fed up with him. Dana doesn't care about the fighters and treating them well. He doesn't care about growing the sport, he only cares about the UFC. We're (EliteXC) are trying to grow the sport and treat our fighters well.”

“Dana is the type of guy that if he owned a gas station, he wouldn't want any other gas stations in America, that's just the type of guy he is. That's the type of ego he has.”

“As far as Dana saying that I was never a fan of mixed martial arts, ask him to produce articles or tape on me saying the things he said I said. It can't happen. I was watching mma with my son back when Dana was selling used cars or whatever he was doing before the UFC. I never belittle any sport or organization, that's not my style.”

When asked about Fedor Emelianenko:

“We would love to have Fedor with our organization. But Fedor and his people need to be realistic about what they are asking for. He hasn't had a top fight in awhile. He needs to get back to fighting top competition. In the United States out of sight is out of mind.”

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