Evan Tanner's Latest MySpace Blog-Entry Rant

The following is the latest MySpace blog entry from former UFC Middleweight champion Evan Tanner:

“October 1, 2007

10:26 pm

I am setting a date.

I have been drinking like a madman for fifteen years.

I am done with it.

I am setting a date.

It has ruined my career. It has ruined my health. I have lost the respect of my peers. I have lost my family. I have lost so many friends. I have lost the women I have loved. I have been arrested, wrecked cars, spent nights in jail, gotten in fights, gambled and drunk away hundreds of thousands of dollars, raged like a beast, talked like a fool. I lost my home, gone deep into debt, ruined my credit, and now I’m at risk of losing the last few things I own. I have destroyed my life. All because of drinking. I have made so many mistakes. I have disappointed so many who believed in me. Embarrassed so many who loved me. Almost everything bad that can be said about a man, has been said about me.

I am done with it.

I am setting a date.

There will be those of you who understand me, who will hear me. There will be those who laugh, and ridicule. I am willing to bear the weight of that if any of these words might reach anyone, might have meaning to anyone, if this vision might give hope to anyone.

I choose to Believe

I will always believe there is some magic out there. I will always believe there is some magic within me. If we stop believing, our spirits die. I refuse to let my spirit die.

I choose to Believe.

I am setting a date.

I am setting a date, and on that day I will stop drinking. That will be the day I begin to be a better man. That will be the day I begin to find the best of me. That will be the day I begin to find the best of what life can be. I want to find the magic. Join me. If you want to make a change in your life, join me. If any of you want to find the best of yourself, join me. If you want to find your own magic, join me. I am going to quit drinking, get back into training, and step into the Octagon again, and when I do, it will be dedicated to all of you who have the courage to believe in the best of what you can be, all of you who have the courage to stand up with me and face your fears and weaknesses. We will stand shoulder to shoulder, an unconquerable army. BELIEVE in what you can do, and it will happen.

I am setting a date.

It has been said that I am done, that I will never fight again. It has been said that I have no chance of ever being a champion again. I refuse to accept that. I challenge you to believe in yourself. I challenge you to do what they say can not be done. Join this army of unconquerable souls.

I choose to believe.

I am setting a date.”


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