Exclusive: EliteXC To Announce Opponent For Kimbo Within Week

By Chris Howie
August 18th, 2008

MMANews.com had a chance to speak with a represenative earlier today from EliteXC and they informed us that the plan at this time is to announce Kimbo Slice's opponent for his October 4th main event bout on CBS either by the end of this week or early next week.

The source stated that there are at least three opponents that are being considered for the bout and although he wouldn't give the names of the fighters he did say that two of them were big names in the MMA industry.

Slice last fought in May when he defeated James Thompson in the third round of a fight that he was tested in throughout. It should be interesting to see who EliteXC matches him up with in this fight. One would assume a step up in competition but Slice is EliteXC's meal ticket at this point and him losing could be devastating to the aura surrounding him.

With the problems that ProElite is also having it may not be smart to have Kimbo fight top competition for the sole fact that if he loses than his stock may go down if in fact ProElite goes under and Kimbo looks to sign elsewhere.

When contacted by MMANews.com, Kimbo's manager told us via text message today that they were working on it at the moment and would have more information over the next few days.

Possible names that have been thrown around have been Brett Rogers, Ken Shamrock, and Don Frye. Frye just lost a bout in Japan so theres a good chance it won't be him, according to a source close to Shamrock, he is focused on a fight with his brother Frank so he is most likely out of the equation. That leaves Rogers and with a history between the two would make the most sense in terms of selling the card but, would be a very dangerous opponent for Mr. Slice.


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