Exclusive: Fisher On Stout Rematch, UFC 71, TUF 5 & Tons More

MMANews.com's own Chris Howie recently caught up with MFS lightweight stand out Spencer Fisher to discuss his upcoming main event rematch against Sam Stout at UFC Fight Night on June 12th on Spike TV, among a number of other topics. Below is a complete transcript of the interview.


Chris Howie of MMANews.com: This is Chris Howie with MMANews.com and today I'm speaking with UFC lightweight contender Spencer “The King” Fisher. How's it going today Spencer?

Spencer Fisher: Fantastic man.

MMANews.com: How is training going for your rematch with Sam Stout at Ultimate Fight Night [on] June 12th?

Spencer Fisher: I'm busting my butt man and I'm looking forward to the 12th.

MMANews.com: Is there anything you've changed for training this time around for your fight with Stout?

Spencer Fisher: Nothing particular for him. I've been working on my wrestling defense and wrestling takedowns.

MMANews.com: You've worked on wrestling and takedowns?

Spencer Fisher: Yeah, basically just my wrestling.

MMANews.com: Who have you been training with for the fight?

Spencer Fisher: For this particular fight just my regular teammates. Jason Black, Josh Neer, Jens Pulver. The usual.

MMANews.com: Have you been looking forward to the fight? Getting a chance to get back in there with Stout.

Spencer Fisher: Oh yeah. I feel like I fought Sam Stout at Sam Stout's best. I'm just looking forward to getting in there and giving people a good fight.

MMANews.com: Did you happen to catch UFC 71?

Spencer Fisher: Oh yeah. There were definitely some surprises.

MMANews.com: Have you been watching The Ultimate Fighter Season 5?

Spencer Fisher: Yes I have.

MMANews.com: What are your opinions of the show?

Spencer Fisher: There are definitely some tough guys on there. The show always has something new going on and the lightweights always bring it so it's fun to watch.

MMANews.com: How is Jens' training going for his fight with BJ [Penn]?

Spencer Fisher: He's motivated. He's been out running with us. I'm really looking forward to that fight. It should be an exciting, fast paced fight.

MMANews.com: After your fight with Stout, with a win, where do you see yourself going?

Spencer Fisher: After this fight?

MMANews.com: Yeah.

Spencer Fisher: I'm hoping to get through this fight and win this fight. Hopefully with a win it will put me back in the position I once was. When you're in a sport you want to be the best and with a win over Stout it's another step in being where I want to be.

MMANews.com: How do you feel you match up with him this time around? Do you think anything has changed with his game?

Spencer Fisher: I think he's become a better fighter. I think his loss to Kenny Florian woke him up and he most likely spends more time on the ground now. That was one of his weaknesses, his ground game. I look for it to be a tougher fight than the last time we fought but I fully expect to win this fight.

MMANews.com: Who are some fighters you would like to fight after Sam Stout?

Spencer Fisher: Joe Lauzon. I'd like to fight him. I'd also like to fight Melvin Guillard.

MMANews.com: You've beaten Dan Lauzon. Now you want to get in there with Joe?

Spencer Fisher: Yeah, I'd really like to fight Joe. I think he is a one trick pony. Not to take anything away from when he fought Jens. He always goes for the takedown and I think I can capitalize on him coming in. I know exactly what he is going to do. He's going to try and take me down and I just have to stop that and bring it to him.

MMANews.com: Do you think he'll be the fighter to win the show?

Spencer Fisher: No. Probably Nate Diaz or maybe Corey Hill.

MMANews.com: Corey Hill pulled a fast one on everyone coming in with the 0-0 record.

Spencer Fisher: Oh yeah [laughs]. I'll tell ya what man the guy is a great athelete. He's scrappy and he's a good wrestler. I look for big things out of that kid. He's actually training with us right now.

MMANews.com: Yeah he definitely has a lot of potential.

Spencer Fisher: Yeah he really does. He has a strong work ethic also.

MMANews.com: Yeah if he wants it he has the tools to get there.

Spencer Fisher: Yeah and being 6'4'' doesn't hurt either [laughs].

MMANews.com: Being a 6'4 155 pounder has its advantages.

Spencer Fisher: It sure does.

Fisher rematches Sam Stout at UFC Fight Night live on Spike TV, June 12th …

MMANews.com: What are some other fights you're looking forward to seeing this summer?

Spencer Fisher: I'm really looking forward to seeing Joe Stevenson fight Kurt Pellegrino. I think Kurt takes that fight.

MMANews.com: What are your opinions on the Zuffa acquistion of PRIDE?

Spencer Fisher: Well, I think we'll find out once and for all who is the best fighter in the world in all the weight classes. It's a great thing to have happen.

MMANews.com: There are some good lightweight fighters in PRIDE.

Spencer Fisher: Absolutely. Takanori Gomi is probably the best guy out there. Hopefully we'll get to see him fight [Sean] Sherk in the future.

MMANews.com: What were your thoughts on the Gomi vs. Nick Diaz fight?

Spencer Fisher: I predicted that fight man. I called it. Nick's a tough guy and he has never gotten the credit I think he deserves.

MMANews.com: What were your thoughts when he tested positive for marijuana? Do you think that affected his performance in the fight?

Spencer Fisher: No. Absolutely not. I don't think it affected his performance one way or the other. It was a bad decision that he made and if anything I think it hurt him. I don't think it could help you in a fight whatsoever.

MMANews.com: What about the man you want to fight, Melvin Guillard testing positive for cocaine?

Spencer Fisher: Same thing. I don't see how it could help. That was definitely a bad decision that he made.

MMANews.com: What was your favorite fight from the UFC 71 PPV?

Spencer Fisher: I thought the Josh Burkman vs. Karo Parisyan fight was probably the best one on the card. Jeremy Stephens looked good as well against Din Thomas.

MMANews.com: So you're two weeks out from the fight with Stout. How is your cardio?

Spencer Fisher: We've been doing a lot of sprints and a lot of stadium work. I've put the time in and have taken all the right steps to prepare for this fight this time and I'm just looking forward to it. My weight is down and I just can't wait to get in there and throw down on the 12th.

MMANews.com: What are some advantages you think you have over Stout and what are some things you think he has the advantage over you on?

Spencer Fisher: You know, I've been in there more times and I have more experience. I think I'm better on the ground and that my wrestling is better. I think my punching is better. I think what he has to his advantage is that he is younger than me and he is more of a kicker.

MMANews.com: I went back and watched the first fight between you and Sam before I spoke with you and it seemed as though you were a stronger puncher than him and you were hitting him much harder than he was hitting you.

Spencer Fisher: When I fought Sam I wasn't worried about his power whatsoever. He hit me a lot in the third round and I was never hurt. I always walked forward the whole time and I never took a step back. I've only seen that fight maybe once or twice but I was never worried about his power. Not to say things can't happen but I'm not concerned with it. I actually think he is just going to try and hit me and run in this fight which could make for a boring fight.

MMANews.com: Do you feel you won the first fight or do you feel it could have went either way?

Spencer Fisher: It was my fault for letting it go to the judges so the judges call it as they see it and that's how it went. I don't really have much to say about it. I lost and I'm looking to redeem that.

MMANews.com: Who do you see winning the Hermes Franca vs. Sean Sherk fight at UFC 73 for the lightweight title?

Spencer Fisher: Now that is a toss up. I like both guys. Having fought Hermes it would make me feel better if he won but Sherk is just so hard at it. He takes everybody down and makes people fight his game. If he stands with Hermes and gets lazy it's going to be a bad night for Sherk.

MMANews.com: Any opinions on boxers thinking they could step in the Octagon?

Spencer Fisher: I think it's a joke. They should just stick to what they're good at. Unless they want to get some training in wrestling and become a more rounded fighter they should just stick to boxing.

MMANews.com: Is there anyone you think could step in and be good?

Spencer Fisher: I'm not really sure. I don't know anyones background and if they have any wrestling or jiu-jitsu. I couldn't answer that question fairly.

MMANews.com: Anyone you would like to thank or any sponsers you would like to mention?

Spencer Fisher: Definitely. I have to thank TapouT.

MMANews.com: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Spencer Fisher: Thanks for the support.

MMANews.com: Alright Spencer I'd like to thank you for your time and hopefully we can do this again in the future.

Spencer Fisher: Thank you, take care.

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