Exclusive: Goulet On Swick Fight, New Manager, More

MMANews.com's own Chris Howie recently caught up with “The Road Warrior” Jonathan Goulet to discuss his upcoming bout with Mike Swick in the UFC, his fight last weekend against Cory MacDonald for King of the Cage, his parting with manager Stephane Patry and more. Below is a complete transcript of the interview.


Chris Howie of MMANews.com: This is Chris Howie with MMANews.com and today I'm speaking with “The Road Warrior” Jonathan Goulet. How are you?

Jonathan Goulet: I'm good and you?

MMANews.com: I'm doing fine man. Your fight with Mick Swick, will it be at 185 lbs. or 170 lbs.?

Jonathan Goulet: The fight will be at 170 lbs.

MMANews.com: Do you feel more comfortable at that weight?

Jonathan Goulet: Yes, 170 lbs works best for me.

MMANews.com: Are you excited to be coming back to the UFC?

Jonathan Goulet: Hell yeah I am excited.

MMANews.com: Was there a falling out between you and [your manager] Stephane Patry?

Jonathan Goulet: It's over between him and me.

MMANews.com: Did Georges St. Pierre part ways as well I heard?

Jonathan Goulet: It's the same for St. Pierre, he is not with Patry now either.

MMANews.com: Can you elaborate on the circumstances that caused you to leave him?

Jonathan Goulet: Damn [laughs]. He didn't do what he had to do with me so I fired him.

MMANews.com: Your new manager is Ken Pavia, correct?

Jonathan Goulet: Yeah, the contract was officially signed today.

MMANews.com: How do you feel you match up with Mike Swick?

Jonathan Goulet returns to the UFC to battle Mike Swick …

Jonathan Goulet: I think that it's a great match-up. I have a good ground and pound [and] I have improved my stand-up. My Brazilian jiu-jitsu is solid, so he is going to be surprised. I'm not the same as I was against Josh [Koscheck] and [Luke] Cummo. I'm better and it's not over for me. I'll be the best that night.

MMANews.com: You have had five fights already this year. Do you plan on slowing down anytime soon?

Jonathan Goulet: Now my next fight is going to be in September for the UFC and I'm not alowed to fight before and even if I was I would not risk that fight for an injury in a less important fight.

MMANews.com: Who are some other fighters you would like to face at 170 lbs?

Jonathan Goulet: Right now I don't have any names. I'm going there one step after the other but I'll look on the rankings and I'll take the guy just before me.

MMANews.com: How do you feel St. Pierre matches up with Josh Koscheck?

Jonathan Goulet: I'm feeling good. Tomorow St. Pierre and me will spar together. I'm sure that he would do great against him.

MMANews.com: Your last fight was this past Saturday, will you take any time to rest or will you go right back into the gym?

Jonathan Goulet: I took my break [laughs]. I'll be back at the gym [on] Monday.

MMANews.com: Were you hoping to go longer with [Cory] MacDonald last Saturday?

Jonathan Goulet: I was hoping to have just another round to let him know who the boss was between me and him.

MMANews.com: Would you have a rematch someday?

Jonathan Goulet: Don't know. I'm back in the UFC right now. I'm sorry, but I don't care about that fight anymore.

MMANews.com: Who has been the toughest fighter you have faced?

Jonathan Goulet: My toughest opponent has been Jay Hieron.

MMANews.com: Who are your favorite fighters to watch?

Jonathan Goulet: I'm going to pick my friends Patrick Cote, David Loiseau, St. Pierre, and one girl Valrie Ltourneau.

MMANews.com: You called out Swick on another sites' forums. Did you believe that would work?

Jonathan Goulet: The Crow [David Loiseau] told me to try it. I had a feeling it would work.

MMANews.com: Did you sign a new contract with the UFC or is this a one fight deal?

Jonathan Goulet: I still have two fights left on my UFC contract including the one with Mike Swick.

MMANews.com: Will you be training in Quebec for your fight or traveling to the U.S.?

Jonathan Goulet: I will be training in Quebec and when the time comes I'll be travelling to the U.S. to train.

MMANews.com: Where will you train in the U.S.?

Jonathan Goulet: I'm hoping to train in Boston at Team Sityodtong.

MMANews.com: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Jonathan Goulet: If you like action look forward to my next fight but before that, don't forget my friends the Predator [Patrick Cote] and Rush [Georges St. Pierre] fighting on the same card in August that will be a great night. You can also check me out at www.myspace.com/jonathangoulet

MMANews.com: Okay, Jonathan thanks for taking a few minutes out to talk with me.

Jonathan Goulet: No problem. Thank you very much.

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