Exclusive: Matt Hughes Camp Comments On Racist Photos

By Chris Howie
November 7th, 2008

After a picture began spreading around the internet of former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes supporting a white supremacist website selling t-shirts, MMANews.com contacted Brian Patton, who is a member of the Hughes camp, to try find out exactly what the story was behind the photo

“He is appalled. They took the picture by just asking him to hold it up. He had no idea what they represent and we are contacting them now requesting them to take it off immediately or we will pursue legal action.” Patton told MMANews.com “Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. People like this and those that support their views are dispicable.”

So there you have it folks, Hughes really didn't know that picture would come back to haunt him or what the people that duped him into taking it represent.


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