Exclusive: MayheM's Thoughts On Possible Rematch With Trigg


This Saturday, December 15th, Jason “MayheM” Miller will face Tim Kennedy, a fighter he faced once before and lost a decision to in HDNet Fights Middleweight action. He will now get a chance to redeem himself and even things up between himself and Kennedy.

Frank Trigg will also be on this card as he will face off against Edwin Dewees in another Middleweight contest that could possibly lead to a rematch between him and “MayheM” if both fighters are to win their respective fights in impressive fashion.

During an interview today with MMANews.com's own Chris Howie, Jason “MayheM” Miller gave his thoughts on a possible rematch with Frank Trigg. “I get an erection just thinking about fighting him again. I'd love it.” The two locked up in Miller's first title defense of the ICON Sport Middleweight title. Miller was a favorite to win that fight but was TKO'd in the second round. With both fighters now fighting with HDNet Fights it could be a possibility that they will get it on once again in the future.

Check back with MMANews.com later today for the full interview with the always entertaining, and sometimes comedically confusing Jason “MayheM” Miller.

In the mean time, you can check out comments from MayheM from today's HDNet Fights conference call, which MMANews.com was part of, by clicking here for our detailed recap. The article also contains quotes and notes from MayheM's upcoming opponent Tim Kennedy as well as Frank Trigg's upcoming opponent on the same card – Edwin Dewees.


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