Exclusive: Penn Camp Says GSP Rematch Unlikely Until Early 2009

By Chris Howie
August 18th, 2008

It has been rumored for quite some now that BJ Penn's next fight would see him move in weight up to 170lbs to face UFC Weltweight Champion Georges St. Pierre in a rematch of their UFC 58 fight, but only this time it would be for a title and five rounds instead of three. The rumored date for the match up was at the UFC's New Year's Eve show scheduled for December 27th but things now have appeared to change.

Earlier today Michael Moody of MMANews.com spoke with BJ's brother, JD Penn, and he confirmed to us that although BJ is back in the gym and looking for a fight in December, nothing is official at this time and the fight with St. Pierre will likely be pushed back until February 2009 when the UFC holds it's Superbowl Weekend card.

This news comes hot of the heels of St. Pierre stating that he wished to take some time off and not fight again until 2009. St. Pierre has fought 4 times in the last thirteen months, most recently defending the welterweight title against Jon Fitch at UFC 87.

If the rematch between Penn and St. Pierre is pushed back until February it is highly unlikely that Penn would fight on the December card but there is a lightweight title defense against Kenny Florian looming so maybe it is possible he fights in December and February but again, that is a highly unlikely scenario.


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