Exclusive: Shamrock On Beef w/ UFC & Brother Ken, More [Pt. 2]

On May 10, MMANews.com's own Chris Howie sat down with legendary mixed-martial artist Frank Shamrock to discuss a number of topics. Part one was put online yesterday and can be read by CLICKING HERE. Part two is available below.


MMANews.com: Do you think we’ll ever see you back in the UFC or in PRIDE?

Frank Shamrock: You know I don’t know. If Dana is running PRIDE I won’t be in PRIDE. If he’s not I’d love to fight in PRIDE. I’ve always wanted to. I don’t believe in who they [UFC] are and what they are doing though. If I don’t like you, I don’t want you in my life.

MMANews.com: That’s understandable.

Frank Shamrock: Why would you want an asshole in your life?

MMANews.com: With that being said, how do you feel you match up with some of the top ranked Middleweights in the world right now?

Frank Shamrock: I really have no idea. I train everyday and everywhere I go I have a wonderful time training. The world is changed and now it’s not about being the best fighter in the world, it’s about being the best marketing unit in the world. Dan Henderson is who I would have to say is the toughest at 185 pounds on the planet and I’d like to fight him.

MMANews.com: How are things with your IFL team?

Frank Shamrock: Oh they are going great man. They’re finally getting it going. It has took us a while to get the team together and get the flow. I couldn’t be happier man. They are young and hungry. We’re basically training them from the ground up and I’ve seen tremendous improvement in these guys. Even in the last two weeks they’ve stepped up and gone to a whole other level. I’m really excited about it. I love the boys.

MMANews.com: Back in January you faced off against your brother, Ken Shamrock’s team. Did you speak with Ken at the time?

Frank Shamrock: No. I haven’t spoken to Ken in maybe eight or nine years.

MMANews.com: Not even at that show?

Frank Shamrock: No. Honestly I never had a serious conversation with the man and I don’t have a relationship with him. He never liked me, never wanted me to be involved [with MMA] and he never thought I would be a world champion. He said I didn’t have the skills. I proved him wrong and it upset him a little and it’s been weird ever since.

MMANews.com: You once trained with B.J. Penn. Do you speak with him anymore?

Frank Shamrock: Yeah man I talk to him almost every day. B.J. is training his ass off man. He told me to head up to Seattle to do a little bit of training. I’m not really sure what his plans are though.

MMANews.com: Have you seen any episodes of The Ultimate Fighter 5?

Frank Shamrock: No, I haven’t seen it unfortunately. I’m pretty busy these days. At best I’ll get an episode of Boston Legal or Gray’s Anatomy in. Other than that I don’t really get much TV time.

MMANews.com: At the end of the season he’s fighting Jens Pulver in a rematch from their fight a few years back.

Frank Shamrock: Yeah, I actually helped train B.J. for the first one. I think he should just mash him on this one. I don’t really think there’s any question. The last time he let the pressure of fighting weigh him down. Now he’s used to it and he’s put himself in a good spot mentally.

MMANews.com: With numerous promotions coming together to do business (K-1, Strikeforce, EltieXC, Cage Rage), do you feel they can compete with the UFC?

Frank Shamrock: Anybody who does good business and has a good business model can compete. All the UFC is, is a bunch of guys with a bunch of money who learned through trial and error and bought a brand that was already established. They didn’t do anything spectacular. I’m sure if I bought Kleenex I could make Kleenex a stronger brand. You know what I mean? It’s not rocket science. I don’t think they have a competitive edge or anything. They just have having made the first move as their advantage. EliteXC can definitely compete and I’m really pleased seeing them bringing in as many people as possible. Having a monopoly doesn’t help everyone it just helps one person and there is enough talent, there’s enough fighting, and enough marketing. Everyone should be sharing the marketing dollar and develop new stars instead of their own stars. So I think they have a tremendous opportunity and I’ll help them anyway I can.

Frank Shamrock battles nemesis Phil Baroni on June 22nd for Showtime PPV …

MMANews.com: Yeah, I saw the show in February and it was a good show.

Frank Shamrock: Exactly. It was a good show. For our first show it was a great show. The value of the production continues to go up and the level of fights are through the roof. If you have all the tools you can definitely make money and if you don’t you're not going to make money.

MMANews.com: Do you ever regret leaving the UFC?

Frank Shamrock: Never. They were going to use me and abuse me and then throw me away like everybody else. When they needed me again they’d call me up and try and get some more out of me.

MMANews.com: You came back and did commentary at UFC 32.

Frank Shamrock: Yeah. I did the commentary and I consulted with them. I don’t know, I’m at a different time in my life right now. I don’t want to go to work and have someone look at me and say “there’s my piece of meat. How much can I get out of him and how soon can I get it?”

MMANews.com: A question some people wanted to know about was, what was your side to the controversy concerning Pancrase asking Bas Rutten to take a dive so you could win the fight between you and him?

Frank Shamrock: I didn’t know there was a controversy. I know nothing about it.

MMANews.com: Are you working with any charities at this time?

Frank Shamrock: Always. On Mother’s Day I’m doing Courageous Kids Day for the American Cancer Society and that will be in San Jose at the Marriot’s Great America. I also work with Family First Foundation in Los Angeles and I work with Bridging Borders out of Chicago, IL. and they are all non-profit organizations. And I take care of my boys and there’s a lot of charity there to [laughs].

MMANews.com: Before we get out of here, is there anything you would like to say to your fans or your critics?

Frank Shamrock: Yeah, I’m just glad I have them. I’ve got fans and critics and what I’ve learned about this business is whether you’re a hero or zero, if you have other people talking about you it doesn’t matter. I do what I do and some people like it, and other hate it but I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. If it makes people happy, great, and if it makes people angry, great, and if you buy a PPV, even better.

MMANews.com: It’s like the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity.

Frank Shamrock: Hey, I mean if you’ve ever spent a few minutes with me you know in my heart and soul I’m a good man and I try to do good things for everybody and that’s all I need to have in my life. The rest of it is all fun and B.S. … you know, sell tickets and have a good time.

MMANews.com: Yeah, for sure. Frank, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to talk with me today. Good luck in your fight with Phil Baroni at the EliteXC/Strikeforce show on Showtime and PPV on June 22nd.

Frank Shamrock: Right on man. Thanks I appreciate it and thanks for the time.

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