Fabricio Werdum To Join The Chute Boxe Team?

The following is an article from the TATAME Brazilian MMA magazine/website:

Werdum next to Chute Boxe

BJJ Mundial championship, Fabrcio Werdum is next of having a deal with Chute Boxe. “I was going today to Curitiba to talk with Rudimar, but I got sick. I am going to try a deal, watch some trainings and to meet the structure that they have there. I train here with my friends, but I need a bigger structure and I think that Chute Boxe is the biggest Team in the world. I received invitation from others big teams but Chute Boxe is near my house and I don’t want to stay far from my family”, said Werdum.

Asked about the Heavyweight visit at Chute Boxe, the lider of the team Rudimar Fedrigo was very optimist. ” First of all he is coming to participate from some trainings and to meet the team. I hope that everything goes well, because it would be a nice acquisition to Chute Boxe”, said Rudimar.